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Let’s Talk about Smash Bros.! The FINAL Roster & The US Demo September 15, 2014

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So we finally have our final roster.  I’ll just talk more in-depth about the remaining new characters and not the veterans.  Though the returning vets are: Ganondorf, Wario, R.O.B., Ness, Jigglypuff, Falco, and Mr. Game and Watch.  Let’s go and talk about the remaining new characters/additions!


I do have to mention this guy.  Returning from Melee (and currently the only character to have missed out to return to the series, Dr. Mario returns!  Honestly, I could’ve lived without seeing him again (as an alternate costume, I would’ve loved it).  From the gameplay shown so far, he retains a lot of his Melee tactics (even his Down B is still the tornado which is awesome!).  Also even though his FS is a Dr. Mario-esque take on the Mario Finale, it’s still really cool otherwise…Still would’ve rather had him and an alternate costume though.


Which carries over to the next newcomer, Dark Pit.  I had figured he’d be a thing after his appearance at the end of Palutena’s trailer.  Sadly, like Dr. Mario and Lucina, he’s a pretty biased clone of Pit.  There’s not much of a dfference between the two characters (cept side B uses the Electroarm and Dark Pit’s FS is different, but looks a lot like Zelda/Shiek’s FS).  Honestly, at the moment just from watching, he’s my least favorite inclusion as a newcomer (though it’s shared amongst many people too).

duck hunt

As our retro newcomer we get Duck Hunt who was more of a Western character as all of us had gotten that game alongside Super Mario Bros.  It also cove more of the NES Zapper which is shown in its moveset pulling along Wild Gunmen and Hogan’s Heroes.  What a random but great love letter to such a device. Even then, the Duck Hunt Dog is just so cute and its Dalmation costume with it’s Mallard Duck pal is perfect for me!  What a great inclusion and quite WTF (though I still think Wii Fit Trainer beats it, despite being one of the first newcomers announced).


Ahhh Bowser Jr.  Now I was surprised to hear that the Mario series got two new representatives and I was worried that Bowser Jr. was going to be a clone.  Luckily with his Koopa Clown Car, he avoids that and brings a unique and literally fun looking moveset.  Even throwing in some Mario Sunshine reference is even ncier in his FS with Shadow Mario.  Definitely looking forward to using him however!!!…


Bowser Jr. doesn’t have regular alt colors.  Instead, we have the Koopalings acting as his alternates.  Easy because most of the moveset belongs to the Koopa Clown Car.  I really do love that the Koopalings have been getting a LOT of love these days with appearing in the main games and even Mario Kart 8.  Now what makes them different from being just alts is that in-game they’re called by their names and not Bowser Jr. despite not having their own slot.  The first time where this has happened in Smash Bros. where alternates get special treatment.


This also goes for Alph from Pikmin 3.  Just like the Koopalings, he’s another special alternate this time for Captain Olimar.  He has 4 outfits to himself and the same moveset to his counterpart. It’s pretty surprising Sakurai went and made him a (sort-of character).  I still am happy that there is some Pikmin 3 representation though and he looks great on the Wii U version.


So let’s talk about the demo!

Nintendo released the demo for Platinum members on Club Nintendo on 9/12 (with a public demo coming out on the 19th).  I fortunately had gotten a code from a friend (another thing, Platinum members got four extra codes they could send out).  So I wanna talk about what was on it.

First off, the game is smooth like butter! very good and the gameplay feels nothing like any of the previous incarnations which is also good!  The 3D didn’t slump the demo much as well.  Though my only gripe is that the 30FPS of some of the Assist Trophies and Pokemon are pretty jarring I must say and kind of makes me grimace almost.  Still with the amount the full game has, some sense of sacrifice had to happen so I can’t complain.

The demo comes with a Tips section which has A LOT OF INFO for a demo about the full game (Smash Run enemies, techniques, other Assist Trophies, stages, and even characters that aren’t even in the demo.

Also, it only comes with one stage: Battlefield.  Though it does come in its “Omega” version (which is its Final Destination version) and two songs, the main Battlefield theme and the primary Melee menu screen music.


So most of the items (if not all of them, were here) so let me talk a little bit on each). At least of the new ones

  • X Bomb – Fire in an X-shape or a +-shape.  Pretty cool range and knockback for what it is and I find myself missing enemies a lot XD.
  • Hocotate Bomb – So you throw it and it launches into the sky (can carry opponents off too) before crash landing down in a big explosion…if it hit, oh damn it’s so powerful!
  • Steel Diver – Shoots out little torpedoes but does good knockback the farther the shot was.  I love how it starts slow before accelerating to fast speeds!
  • Beetle – What an item!  You throw it and it grabs the opponent and drags them up off the screen (well mostly if they don’t do anything XD).  Very useful, but somewhat cheap.
  • Bottled Fairy – If you have more than 100% health damage, you can heal all of it away.  If not, it doesn’t activate and become a throwing item that can damage opponents…but if they have over the percentage of damage…you heal them.  Think before you throw basically XD.
  • Ore Club – This item has quickly become my favorite of the new items.  Basically it’s like a Beam Sword but with some extra oomph.  If you use it as a Smash attack, it sends tornadoes (size depends on how long you hold it).  Use it as a full Smash attack and it’s a huge tornado across the stage.  It also runs out after a couple of uses..but it’s still badass of an item!
  • Cucco – Lovely, these chickens roam across the stage and if you hit it, its flock comes at you and attacks. If you pick it up and toss at someone they’ll get the unlucky barrage of feathers in their face!  Such an exciting and hilarious attack.
  • Gust Bellows – To me it’s more like a useful F.L.U.D.D. but with wind properties!  Makes pushing people off platforms a lot more easier.  Though once you throw it away it’ll activate on it”s own and blow itself all over the place and can push characters around.  So it’s best to stay away from it once it goes berserk xD.
  • Spiny Shell – So I’ve already explained what this does (chases the leader (or 2nd place if you’re already winning) and blows up on them).  Oddly enough I seldomly see this landing on the person I want to (though it does hit others in its radius which is still good enough for me).  OK weapon I guess.
  • Rocket Belt – Lets you hover and recover from below.  Expected, but I didn’t know that when the item ends it forcefully makes you short hop so the item can fall off.  Odd.
  • POW Block – Nothing much to say really, though it is odd to see that the POW Block makes the person who threw it hop as well.
  • Fire Bar – Great weapon to whack people with. Though learned the fireball that’s closest to the hilt is the strongest which does mean that once the other fireballs fizzle out, you still have a pretty useful weapon on you albeit have to be real close to them.
  • Back Shield – Still as it applies in the previous posts…does break after some strong hits but it’s rather nice to have on ya in free-for-alls!
  • Bombchu – So they aren’t as powerful as the Bob-ombs are, but they do scurry along the stage (and for Battlefield that’s good) and they blow up on impact.  Cool item, surprised it took them this long to include it!
  • Super Leaf – Besides the quirkyness of seeing characters with ears and a tail, the Super Leaf grants them the ability to float (ala Peach’s ability).  It’s cool, didn’t seem to use it too much, because the button mapping in the demo is kind of horrid for me, but it’s still a cool item.
  • Master Ball – So it’s been talked about before, but we learned that Goldeen appears from this a well (as a troll).  Beyond that woo Pokemon! (BTW will not talk about them or ATs until the full game is out).
  • Bullet Bill – I love how it just bum rushes any opponent in the way for some pretty hefty damage.  I was worried that it’d go too far and makes a self-destruct, but it doesn’t seem like it does that.  Very cool item and one many will charge for.
  • Beehive – So like the Cucco, you attack it and the bees will come out and continuously attack ya (and disrupt your movement which is quite annoying).  Though definitely useful tossing it at others so they feel the sting.  Quite an odd item though lol.  The Cucco’s are much funnier.
  • Drill Arm – So this thing fires off a drill that does continuous damage and can carry an oppenent horizontally off the stage.  The handle can be tossed once I’ve noticed too.  Makes sense since Jill from Drill Dozer isn’t even in the game.
  • Special Flag – This is definitely a high risk and reward item, what you do is pick it up and press the attack button to activate.  Once that happens you have to sit still until it gives you the +1 KO (or +1 life). Honestly, it really is difficult to maintain the item since one hit will make you drop it.  I think it might be too much risk to really go for it.
  • Boomerang – So this item can be tossed and it’ll gradually gain power.  Though I’m not sure where it caps off because it can be used for quite a long time (if not the whole match if you’re good with it).  For me it’s a pretty fun item, though it kind of gets rid of all of your A attacks for the time you have it…though it is good to use it for comboing…very useful.
  • Killer Eye – So you set this item down and it fires a laser like it’s a smidge stronger Ray Gun.  However, it can be used by anyone, attack it and it changes direction (or if it’s something powerful get flung everywhere) lol.  I don’t find too much use for it, but it does make the opponent think on ground fights.
  • Boss Galaga – So it works a lot like the Beetle where it basically snatches the opponent and flies them off screen, of course they can escape and the Galaga ship can be destroyed.  Cool item and I love that it makes its signature sounds too!
  • Daybreak – So the alternate to the Dragoon, Daybreak acts almost the same way but once you obtain all the pieces you’re stil able to run around and position yourself…however if you get hit good, someone can take the fully working Daybreak and use it on you!  I like the item and its full range…awesome!
  • Grass – So the only item left that wasn’t talked about yet, we get Grass.  Yeah, not the Weed from the Animal Crossing series but the Grass from the USA SMB2.  So this is pretty much an item that gives you an item.  Wait, what?  Think of Peach’s Down-B move and you’ll get the gist of it.  You pull out a random item (sometimes nothing) and that’s all the uses.


So let’s talk about the characters from the demo!


So funny enough Mario feels quite nice on the 3DS.  I mean nothing too big has changed about his character.  To be honest he felt buffed a little.  Like his attacks are feeling like they have punch to it.  Nothing really changed in his moves for the most part and remains otherwise the same as he was in Brawl which is nice to see.  I still did enjoy him in the demo at the least and will probably the first person I’ll use when I get the game in full (though I probably will not and go for Yoshi or a newcomer).


To me Link became a little more stronger.  I surprisingly became really good with Link in Brawl and hoped not too much has changed and well for the most part he, like Mario, remained unchanged with one little exception.  His Dash Attack has changed to mirror his attack in Ocarina of Time and I will admit that I had to get used to it because in Brawl it was an instand slash while this time around it’s a jumping lunge.  Not that I mind, but I do seem to miss a lot (Brawl in my mind still).  Also his Up Air has also gotten a different look which is kind of odd-looking and his Bow can KO at high percentages 0.o.  Still, I was able to use him pretty well and loving his look too.   Also, Fierce Deity Link is a thing in the full game…ugh…I can’t wait!


Our little rodent has gotten some upgrades to his shocking arsenal!  First off, Thunder’s cloud has a meteor effect and also has a glitch in the demo where in can go through the middle platform of Battlefield.  Also, it comes out faster than any other iteration of Smash Bros. which is pretty damn scary.  Its moves actually look painful this time and I love the energy in his moves.  I think Pikachu does seem slightly weaker, but it could just be me.


As the first newcomer shown off when the game was announced, Villager has become a HUGE threat in the metagame already!  Not only does he have the creepy eyes going, he/she has a moveset that’s based on directly on strategy and mindtricks.  Their B Special, Pocket can store projecticles or items to use later on in the battle, Lloid Rocket fires a gyroid that can also be used for horizontal recovery, Balloon’s to float up and a 3-step Tree that does huge damage if it connects.  When I played as Villager, I thought their A attacks weren’t much to gawk at, except for Smashs….Forward Smash brings a cannonball and despite not having distance, it hurts!.  Up Smash is fireworks that does good damage and Down Smash pretty much buries the opponents.  Not sure if they are the broken character yet, but damn are they good right now.

Mega Man

Last but not least, I was surprised that we got Mega Man in the mix here.  I had worried that he’d be uselsee after his mediocre status after E3 but Mega Man feels good to play as mostly.  I did find myself having to get used to MM not having a Forward Tilt A since it basically is just him running and shooting bullets.  Most of the magic however is in his other A-moves which are powerful or have interesting things about them.  His B moves though doesn’t leave much to be desired.  Metal Blade is nice, but basic, Crash Bomber often comes bac to me and I get damaged, Rush Coil is like Sonic’s Spring Jump but Rush doesn’t seem to damage, and Leaf Shield is just stupid.  I mean all the aforementioned moves are slightly useful, but most of the KOs will be from the A attacks.



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