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AAA – Sayonara no Mae ni September 16, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Sayonara no Mae ni
  2. Next Stage
  3. Sayonara no Mae ni (Instrumental)
  4. Next Stage (Instrumental)

1. Sayonara no Mae ni

I still don’t know what’s up with AAA and their songs that lead in this era, but I just can’t seem to get my head around the songs this time around.  The tune begins with some twinkling sounds before it becomes a rather mid-tempo song that ironically reminds me of a lighter “Kaze ni Kaoru Natsu no Kioku” which despite I enjoyed the latter, this one sort of missed its mark.  I honestly felt as it this should’ve been merely an album song since it really doesn’t stand out to me beyond the nice vocals, but that’s really something that just is normal with AAA these days.

2. Next Stage

So the B-side was actually released as a preview out back in August because of its tie-in to One Piece (hmmm, odd that they couldn’t have put that on their previous single).  Rather, once I started the song up, I quickly took back my statement as it wouldn’t have worked.  I have to say that I was instantly taken by Shuta’s voice (honestly, since when did he sound THIS good?).  Then the tune shifts to a dance track and I immediately focused into the track.  I’ve been waiting for song to fully impress me and it seems that it turned out that it would be the B-side!  Definitely the better song!



As the 4th and final single before their “GOLD SYMPATHY” album drops and I’m still wondering where AAA has gone.  Sayonara no Mae ni like the other A-sides they’ve released have been met with lukewarm responses for myself as they don’t seem to have that oomph (ok, maybe “SHOW TIME” but that isn’t going to be on the album so, that’s a moot point).  At least Next Stage sounds really good and does make the album’s cut.  I just hope the album will do something to make up for this rather mediocre set of singles.


One Response to “AAA – Sayonara no Mae ni”

  1. Oh, heck Shuta may be underrated but this boy surprisingly has a really good voice! I was recently watching some of AAA’s older performances and OH MY GOD SHUTA CAN ACTUALLY AD-LIB SOOOO WELL. It’s shocking. He must be working hard on his singing these days, that’s why. ;u;

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