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U-KISS – MONO SCANDAL September 19, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Kkiburijima
  2. Hana
  3. Dasi Naegero Wajwo
  4. Neo Eopsineun Andwae
  5. Kkiburijima (INST.)
  6. Dasi Naegero Wajwo (INST.)

1. Kkiburijima

So the leading track on the mini, Don’t Flirt (the title’s meaning) is a really cool slow jam and has a cool, laidback groove to it that really emcompasses such a sexy and mature style that almost makes me think I’m listening to porn music XD.  I really dug it though and all of the members sounded good!  Though I will have to mention Jun.  As the newest member of U-KISS (and evidently replaced Dongho and currently AJ), his voice is really deep and his raps are smooth like syrup.  Though 17 and in a risque video like this?  Wow!  I wouldn’t say this is their best leading song (but I’m seriously waiting for an epic dance track from them), this was a killer song and definitely shows off their cool sides.

2. Hana

So the next track is a lowkey R&B ballad, Hana and I really liked how every member got one significant section to sing which is pretty cool.  Even Jun and Eli had their own rapping parts (Interesting to note that Jun did his in all English).  I mean arrangement-wise, this is nothing new, but I felt like this managed to bring the vocalists together as a group and they sung beautifully.

3. Dasi Naegero Wajwo

The same can be said about the third minus the R&B elements.  Another ballad that features a LOT of solos between the members and we get to hear Jun sing and he’s impressive here.  Otherwise it’s more of the same vocals and style which didn’t do too much.  Although, Kiseop was really underutilized here…that sucks bunches.

4. Neo Eopsineun Andwae

The final track begins with a busy signal from a phone before it kind of turns into this mid-tempo R&B track, but not as sensual as the leading track.  There’s something nice about this song actually and I think it was just how smooth and fitting everyone was in the song.  Still bummed at Kiseop only lines are repeats of one another, but over it’s a really smooth song and Hoon can really do these songs justice.



Caught up finally!  Anyways, after the news between losing AJ once again to college and the addition of Jun, we finally got out first taste with MONO SCANDAL and overall, this release was missing some punch.  I mean Kkiburijima was definitely an upgrade over the releases for “MOMENTS” but still not the badasses I was kind of expecting.  The remainder of the mini-album just kind of slid by me without much of an impact.  As for Jun, he fits in quite nicely in the group and his rapping is cool and his singing impressive.  Makes me wonder how they’ll sound once AJ returns.


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