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GENERATION 4: Last before the shift! September 21, 2014

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So today’s post is about the next 25-ish Pokemon before the Dex just straight moves into evolutions and such for past Gens.  So let’s jump in!

052: Bonsly


Initially, Bonsly was part of the first 3 Pokemon to really kick the 4th Generation off (alongside Mime Jr. & Mantyke).  Also, we had a first where we could play alongside them in well a non-handheld Pokemon game in Gale of Darkness.  Kind of weird promotional material (even if Mime Jr. and Munchlax was also in said game).  If you may have guessed, it is the Baby Pokemon to Sudowoodo which means it’s still a pure Rock type.  Still not the most exciting but definitely interesting (plus seeing it in Super Smash Bros. Brawl was neat!)

053: Mime Jr.


Yup if you also couldn’t guess, Mr. Mime also had got a pre-evolution!  I thought it was weird that it did, but I had also thought that maybe they would introduce a Ms. Mime or something which is unfortunately the case and still makes no sense why female Mime Jr.s can evolve.  Also it is also pure Psychic too, but that’s no surprise is it?

However, in Gen 6 with the addition of the Fairy type, Mime Jr and its evolution got the dual type of Psychic/Fairy and I thought that made it more usable in the long run!

Surprisingly though, Mime Jr. (and Koffing oddly enough) neither got Galarian forms in Gen 8 though the evolutions did.

054: Happiny


Yup, even Chansey got a Pre-evolution too.  With Happiny, I didn’t feel like it was needed considering how powerful Chansey (and Blissey) were so it was odd to give it even more possibilities here.  I do remember it fondly when Brock owned one in the anime, but beyond that I never really cared (and if I did, it was only to just get Chansey).  Oh yeah Normal type…didn’t get the 6th Gen boost (though that would probably make it OP).

055: Chatot


So I remember first seeing Chatot and immediately thing that it would’ve been a Normal/Flying type and that came true, though I was hoping it would evolve like the others did and well…I was proven wrong.  That said, Chatot doesn’t stick out to me even though it does have a signature move in Chatter (which you can record your voice and it acts as an attack and induces confusion).  Gimmicky I suppose, but fits because it is based off a parrot.

056: Spiritomb


The next Pokemon really threw me for a loop (and I’m sure many of you were in the same boat).  Spiritomb is a pretty odd Pokemon all-around, but I think it is definitely worth to get it.  In Diamond/Pearl, Spiritomb is found by owning an Odd Keystone then going to the underground and talk to people you’ve personally connected with 32 times before coming back up and talk to the well on Route 209.  Such an odd way to capture this guy who is Ghost/Dark (which is shared with Sableye).  I’ve always thought this was one of Pokemon’s oddest designs because it’s a sphere of a soul stuck in a piece of rock.  I personally never owned one until X/Y because of the Friend Safari.  Yeah weird…

057: Gible. 058: Gabite, 059: Garchomp


So yeah, we got our Pseudo-legendaries quite early in Sinnoh with the Garchomp line and makes sense because they’re quite the feared land sharks.  Yeah Ground/Dragon is its typing and it’s a beast in battle and I thought it was one of the more useful Pokemon from the Generation.  Though I will say something about Gabite’s artwork makes it look awkward but it’s still a great Pokemon.

Oh, but that’s not all, Garchomp in Gen 6 was another Pokemon chosen to have a Mega form.  Though we find out that it’s actually weaker than normal ole Garchomp which is pretty weird and makes me wonder why’d GameFreak would make one if it was going to turn out worse in the end…

060: Munchlax


I think Munchlax really kicked off the Generation as we got to see it for the first time in Destiny Deoxys.  Acting like a bit of a nuisance but also seeming to help Ash and the gang.  Personally, game-wise like most of the other Baby Pokemon, I really didn’t see any use for it besides getting it to evolve into Snorlax and going from there.  Still nothing really special being a Normal type, but Snorlax is always good fun!

061: Riolu, 062: Lucario


So we get our poster Pokemon and really, could you really argue about it since Lucario was so popular to join Smash Bros. Brawl?  When we first saw Lucario, everyone had thought it was going to be a legendary because every movie since the first to up that point had importance to at least some kind of legendary.  After Lucario and the Mystery of Mew released, we find out that it was part of the regular Pokemon and starts off as a Riolu before then (some people mistakenly call it a Baby Pokemon when it really isn’t).  It does start off just as a Fighting type but once it evolves through Happiness in the daytime, it gains the Steel typing as well (why…beats me since it still doesn’t fully seem like it would be Fighting/Steel).

It still doesn’t make too much sense when in Gen 6 it also gains a new Mega Evolution and actually Lucario is one of the main story elements in X & Y simply because the gym leader, Korrina is in blood lineage with the Mega Stone and owns two Lucario (to which one takes a quick liking to you and joins your team).  I persoanlly didn’t know this during my playthrough and had gotten a Lucario through owning a earlier-caught Riolu so I had to make a choice and honestly, I still have both of them, but the Lucarioite went to the Lucario that I had trained from a Riolu (SORRY, Korrina, but the one you gave me is still kicking with my others ^^).

063: Hippopotas, 064: Hippowdon


Granted, the next Pokemon are another set that really never interested me despite being based on hippos…I mean I do like them lol.  Being pure Ground types (interesting since they are water animals, but looking at Hippowdon’s art, I suppose you can argue the parallels of sand and water).  Also, the gender differences are pretty noticeable here, especially female Hippowdons where her entire body is this blackish-grey look which is pretty cool!  Also another Pokemon with the -don suffix?  Jeeze…

065: Skorupi, 066: Drapion


I always love to see scorpions be a thing in Pokemon and we almost got that with Gligar (whatever that is based off of), Skorupi and Drapion are a pretty cool set of Pokemon.  Skorupi starts off as a Poison/Bug type which makes sense but upon evolution at Level 40, he drops the Bug type for the awesome Dark type (which is shared with Skuntank’s line).  Visually I enjoy Skorupi, but I’m not too fond of Drapion’s accordion smushed body..just something doesn’t add up and it’s face looks really weird to me.  I’m not sure, but I can get over it at least because it’s a solid Pokemon IMO.

067: Croagunk, 068: Toxicroak


Wow, a unique typing of Poison/Fighting? AND they’re based off of frogs?  Yeah, Pokemon and frogs are always interesting and this isn’t any different.  I actually like this line and stands as one of my favorites of the generation.  Toxicroak is pretty cool and has some nifty tricks that I love to use a lot.  Plus Croagunk, kind of took up the mantle May/Max left as the Pokemon that pulls Brock away when he gets all horny, LOL.  Overall, neat Pokemon!

069: Carnivine


Wow, so another Pokemon that I can only remember because of the anime, Carnivine was the replacement as James’ bane (ala Victreebel, Weezing, Cacnea, Chimecho etc.).  Beyond that, Carnivine doesn’t stand out much.  It’s a pure Grass type and it’s neither viable to me in anything since Diamond/Pearl.  I just wonder why he was brought in (kind of reminds me of Maractus actually, but the latter has some good tricks).

070: Finneon, 071: Lumineon


If there was one Pokemon that seriously left nothing in my mind to remember them, it’s definitely the Lumineon line.  I mean we already have multitudes of pure Water types, and a LOT of them fare much better in the metagame as well which makes me wonder why they were added.  Seriously, nothing about them stands out to me.  I suppose the tropical look is nice, but I would think it’d fare much better had it been in the Hoenn region.

072: Mantyke


Coming back to Baby Pokemon, we have one for Mantine, which is surprising because I like others didn’t think it really needed one.  Interesting to note though, to evolve it, you need a Remoraid in your party (simply put because Mantine has Remoraids on its underside).  Still not a great Pokemon and being weaker, makes it much worse since Electric attacks just nukes it to death.

073: Snover, 074: Abomasnow


Ending the post off, we get the Abomasnow line which still today is pretty unique as being the only Pokemon as Grass/Ice which is a pretty cool typing albeit still somewhat weak to a lot of things.  I still am not sure where Snover’s eyes (or mouth) is but it’s a neat little thing and then Abomasnow comes in with its monstrous look and it’s a beast.

So, in Generation 6 Abomasnow appears during the story to protect its lair and once you come by and check things out, it’ll present you the Abomasite which grants your Abomasnow the ability to Mega Evolve and it’s even more beastly and looks pretty awesome.



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