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Cupitron – Unicorn Parade September 27, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Unicorn Parade
  2. Pikopiko Club (CD only)
  3. Kasei Tour (CD only)
  4. First Contact (CD+DVD only)
  5. Unicorn Parade (Instrumental)
  6. Pikopiko Club (Instrumental)
  7. Kasei Tour (Instrumental)
  8. First Contact (Instrumental)

1. Unicorn Parade

So I was wondering what Cupitron would do for their first single.  Lord if the technopop style wasn’t evident, it’s even moreso with Unicorn Parade with heavy vocoder and auto-tune thrown onto the ladies vocals!  It does slightly remind me of something but I cant grasp it yet.  Overall, it’s alright, but after “Summer Kaijuu”, it does kind of sound odd to me.  Not bad, but needs time to stick on me.

2. Pikopiko Club

So the single splits into editions and the CD only gets two extra tracks.  I wasn’t sure what to think but damn this song kind of has a certain anison quality to it that makes me kind of grimace.  The song though has a LOT of synths being thrown in (alongside some 8bit stuff).  That ~pikopiko pikopiko pi~ lines are so fast and I wonder how any of them could pull it off.  It’s the shortest track on the single, but it felt like a longer song than I expected XD.

3. Kasei Tour

I think Kasei Tour tones down the energy which is something refreshing for the group and I’m loving the addition of acoutic guitars in the arrangement, though I am curious to why the vocals are so layered and filtered (reminds me of how portable sounded).  It definitely sounded different for the single and I quite liked it a lot!

4. First Contact

I remember hearing it when they did their first live, compared to the single it does have some more natural instruments like guitars and piano and even plucked strings!  It also is pretty cool that it changes tempo throughout by moving from a pop to a march style and then speeds back up.  When the chorus hits, I feel like it’s missing some punch and could’ve used a heavier beat.



I was expecting the worst when it comes to seeing Cupitron debut and their first single, Unicorn Parade wasn’t all that bad!  I don’t think the leading song was good enough to surpass “Summer Kaijuu” but I suppose it did sound a little more invested.  Of the B-sides, Kasei Tour and First Contact were the better songs, definitely has potential and shows potential for the group’s future endeavors!


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