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Fairies – BLING BLING MY LOVE September 27, 2014

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Track Listing

  2. Don’t You Wanna Dance
  3. BLING BLING MY LOVE (Instrumental)
  4. Don’t You Wanna Dance (Instrumental)


Huh, the song opens up with guys singing?  I wasn’t expecting, but at least after that Momoka kicks things up in the song.  I was afraid coming into this because J-pop can’t pronounce ~bling bling~ very well and when I hear the group sing it, it comes out as ~purin purin~.  I love the energy I do get from the song at least and it has a lot of cool moments for sure.  I still would rather hear the other girls more than Momoka, but at this point I think she’s kind of the ace/face of the group so why not cash it in more.  Cool song, definitely worth multiple listens.

2. Don’t You Wanna Dance

Then we have the B-side and I already can tell the group has a bit more attitude in this song and I actually prefer this to the leading track and I feel like there isn’t as much of line hogging to be found here and that’s great!  The beat is punchy and the group like I said sound a LOT more into this song than in “BLING BLING MY LOVE”.



As the 3nd single of the era, I definitely enjoyed this single as a whole a lot more than I did with “Super Hero/Love Me, Love You More.” since both songs were just solid dance tracks by them.  Like I said, could use less Momoka but nothing I can do.  If things keep on this way, they’ll become way better!


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