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SAWA – RingaRinga September 27, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. StarlightPavillion
  2. Kimi to Bartender
  3. Midnight na Hitotachi ~Especia~
  4. Midnight Confusion
  5. Mr. Brown
  6. RingaInterlude
  7. RingaRinga
  8. Lalalalai!

1. StarlightPavillion

Opening SAWA’s mini-album, we’ve known of StarlightPavillion for quite a while (since even before “Soprano Rain”).  I was so happy though because SAWA opened up with a EDM song which is already a plus after his last mini-album.  I’m liking the kind of steady beat with SAWA’s vocals and the overall feel just is cool and catchy as hell.  Definitely a pleasant way to kick things off!

2. Kimi to Bartender

The next track is definitely an odd song, I was so thrown off by the different time signature and the weird things thrown around the arrangement like piccolo and some synth slides and ad-libs.  It’s such a quirky song, but I can’t say anything bad because it’s also weirdly catchy.  There’s not much I can compare it to, but it’s a really neat and like I said quirky tune.

4. Midnight na Hitotachi ~Especia~

So we have our first interlude and it includes Especia (an idol group that SAWA had worked for).  It’s kind of hilarious that Especia are the voices but they’re being tampered with.  I’m not sure what they’re talking about during the interlude, but it must be something about our next track…

5. Midnight Confusion

That is since Midnight Confusion is a cover of Especia’s track that SAWA had worked on for them.  It’s pretty awesome to hear that SAWA would pull this off.  I was already a fan of the original so this was clearly going to leave the same impression.  I love the deep synths and SAWA sounds fitting with her unique vocals.  Cool song!

6. Mr. Brown

Our next song was released as a digital single a little shortly after “Soprano Rain” so it’s understandable that it kind of contains a little bit of the residue.  I do love that the song has a little bit of that bossa nova vibe to it though I’m not sure if SAWA’s vocals worked in its favor as she kind of sounds a little more nasally than normal.  Though once the chorus kicks in, the music is wonderful!  Interesting song though.

7. RingaInterlude

A 2nd interlude?  I know I’ve heard of DJ TARO somewhere, but hmmm.  Was it necessary that an interlude was needed.  It’s really just him talking for about a minute with a simple dance beat and melody behind him.

8. RingaRinga

As the title track for the mini-album, it contains the melodies found in the interlude and adds a little more to it just kind of give us this cutesy techno tune.  I loved the arrangement quite a lot and sounds airy and bright.  Add on SAWA’s vocals and we kind of get this poppy feel but I enjoyed her presence here.  One of the better songs on the mini.

9. Lalalalai!

The final track on the mini, Lalalalai! sounds like an appropriate tune to close things out because it just has that feeling of being the end.  It also kind of stands out because it doesn’t have any electronic sounds in focusing more on piano and plucked strings and an overall cute and upbeat feel.  It has that kind of shoujo anime feel to it that I usually frown out but SAWA sounds good.  Interesting choice of song to close it out tbh.



After my disappointment with her return through “Soprano Rain”, I was hoping SAWA would come back to better songs and with RingaRinga, she met my expectations!  Most of the songs are fun and catchy tunes and brings back that magic she had in her first 5 minis.  There are some slips like Mr. Brow, but I think overall this was MUCH better than her last mini-album.


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