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T.M.Revolution – Phantom Pain September 27, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Phantom Pain
  2. Count ZERO (Re:boot)
  3. Hesoshukujo -Venus- (Re:boot)
  4. Phantom Pain (Original Backing Track)

1. Phantom Pain

Interesting that we get Phantom Pain so quickly after their last single.  Funny though that the song is a much slower-paced track for the duo.  It kind of reminds me of their older songs like “Hajimari Nami” and “THUNDERBIRD” in a lot of the arrangement.  It’s been quite a while since we have gotten a tune that shows a more softer side to Takanori’s vocals and I already think it’s much better than “Tsuki Yabureru”.  I liked this kind of nostalgic trip and it’s a pretty solid song overall!

2. Count ZERO (Re:boot)

The remainder of the single is some live versions of some past songs.  With Count ZERO, Takanori continues to sound really powerful and has some pretty cool chants that go along with it.  Being a song that was released earlier in the year as a part of the split single with SCANDAL, Count ZERO is a pretty solid song to hear and even live contains its great energy.  Solid overall!

3. Hesoshukujo -Venus- (Re:boot)

Then we seriously dive back in their discography for Hesoshukujo (which is techinically the first single released by them).  Of course the song has got a touch-up including more instruments and having a much cooler vibe and groove.  I dug it and Takanori tackled the song sowell that I would love a full recording of this!  Very good live version!



Only coming a month after their last single, Phantom Pain is kind of a step back into times with each song.  The main track gave me some “THUNDERBIRD” vibes, but I was into it and after all those edgy songs, it was nice to see a song like Phantom Pain happened.  The live versions were pretty solid too and Takanori sounded great.  Overall a solid single and much better than their last one.


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