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Ayumi Hamasaki – Terminal October 12, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Terminal
  2. Terminal (Dub mix)
  3. Terminal (HACKJACK remix)

1. Terminal

So the begins with the album cut of Terminal and I’ve said before on the album review of “Colours” is that this tune is produced by Armin van Buuren, so obviously the song is going to be full of electronic wonder and beats alongside with Ayu’s vocie which is actually fitting to the tune.  There’s something about the tune that just suits here like her works with Ferry Corsten back yonder, so Terminal really is a treat, especially with how long since she’s pulled something like this out of her bag.  Great song and made for a good recut track!

2. Terminal (Dub mix)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen ~dub~ in the title of her remixes at leastthe last time I think I saw one of these was when she was overloading on the remixes earlier in her career.  Anywho, the dub mix of Terminal is just kind of a vocalless remix of the tune with some slight background voices from Ayu, but otherwise a kind of generic club mix that really doesn’t go anywhere

3. Terminal (HACKJACK remix)

The same thing can be applied for the other remix on the single and likewise it’s for a club mix, but there’s a lot more oomph to this one.  Some of the beats kind of remind me of T-ara’s “Sugar Free” which is pretty absurd, but the punch of the tune stands out a lot more to me for some reason.  I mean it’s funny that Ayu’s only line is the whole ~kimi ni~ but beyond that there’s not much else vocally.  I think this remix could’ve benefitted with more lyrics, but musically I liked it.



So we have an official recut single huh?  Been a while since we’ve had one of those though, being about 3 months after “Colours” released is a bit late to the party.  Terminal is a pretty awesome song from the album and loved that it was chosen to be recut, but we could’ve had a little more incentive besides the two remixes that really didn’t even have much to do with the song.  The HACKJACK remix could’ve used more Ayu, but it was a pretty powerful remix and well the dub mix kind of sucked and paled in comparison.  TBH, I just want Ayu to move on from the album and release a new song lol.


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