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DiVA – DISCOVERY October 12, 2014

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Track Listing

  2. Believe in myself (Type-A only)
  3. Surrender (Type-B only)
  4. WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement~ (Type-C only)
  5. DISCOVERY (Instrumental)
  6. Believe in myself (Instrumental)
  7. Surrender (Instrumental)
  8. WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement~ (Instrumental)


When the song begun, I had thought that DISCOVERY was going to be a little edgier, but the tune turns out to be kind of mid-tempo in a way.  Then learning that Tetsuya Komuro produced the single, I was kind of disappointed because this song doesn’t seem like the tune I would think of DiVA releasing because their songs are more cooler and this isn’t really.  Plus, there just doesn’t seem much of a chorus, it just melds with everything else in the tune.  Not impressed.

2. Believe in myself

The first B-side, Believe in myself actually sounds a lot more closer to what I would expect from DiVA because it has a much broader sound and the arrangement is nice mixing acoustic guitars with synths to being this kind of cool tune.  Though I feel like Tetsuya has done this arrangement before with Kie Kitano and AAA.  I pretty much prefer this over the A-side (though it could be a little faster).

3. Surrender

Next up is Surrender and it kind of reminds me of something the group has done before (maybe “Tsuki no Uragawa”?).  I actually feel like it’s a mix of the previous two tracks, but the vocals between the 4 members are a lot more suiting and they aren’t all that bad.  Not as memorable as “Believe in myself” is, but I’d say it’s quite passable.

4. WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement~

I wonder why almost every group that has something to do with Tetsuya HAS to cover this H Jungle with t song.  I mean it’s not all that great of a song and the group covering it sugarcoats it up more than it should which makes the singers sounds so unimpressive to me.  It just didn’t sound right coming from DiVA and it just did nothing for me.



As the group’s 4th and sadly final single before their album and disbandment, DISCOVERY disappointed me.  Not only because Tetsuya produced it but it didn’t have the energy the group is known for from their last three singles.  Something about the single just didn’t sit right with me and while I’m so happy that Yuka Masuda returned to complete the group’s lifespan, I couldn’t help that the group had changed in their sound with this and I didn’t care for it.  If anything, Believe in myself was the best the single offered, otherwise I was unimpressed.  Though shady at the (dance) members barely being noticed lol!!


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