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Kanon Wakeshima – world’s end, girl’s rondo October 12, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. world’s end, girl’s rondo
  2. continue
  3. world’s end, girl’s rondo (instrumental)
  4. continue (instrumental)

1. world’s end, girl’s rondo

When I first heard this song, I was wondering if she was working with ex-members of school food punishment (probably because the producer is someone that did work with sfp!), because the arrangement just has that spice of life that the band had brought.  Add on Kanon’s cello and style of voice, this song was a pretty awesome experience to listen!  Kanon’s vocals suited the style of the track and Kanon wasn’t trying to pierce my ears with her voice!  Definitely a wild song, but one of her best post-Mana.

2. continue

As for the B-side, continue feels like something that would’ve been found earlier in the era due to its anison nature in comparison to “world’s end, girl’s rondo”.  Kanon’s voice tries to become a little more broad in vision and she does crack, but she gives a nice dramatic glow about it.  That said, I love the chorus since she shone more than the verses.  To me, it’s OK at best, but nothing really pops out at me as a whole.



As her 4th single (are we planning an album, Kanon?), world’s end, girl’s rondo is definitely my favorite of her A-sides yet, which might be brought on because of Ryo Eguchi’s style he brings with his works so Kanon tackled it amazingly!  The B-side is a slight bit generic, but it’s nowhere near as terrible as “moonlight party” was!  I just want an album now!


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