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la la larks – ego-izm October 12, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. ego-izm
  2. end of refrain
  3. earworm
  4. ego-izm (instrumental)
  5. end of refrain (instrumental)

1. ego-izm

Right from the start with Ryo’s wild keyboard melody and the switch to using strings in the arrangement, I knew I was in for ride with the band.  ego-izm sounds just like school food punishment down to the core and I’m kind of liking the energy of the band together and Yumi sounds just like you would expect her to sound.  Definitely a wonderful song and just a has a lot of great moments through it.

2. end of refrain

The first B-side shows the more experimental side which I was elated to see not lost on la la larks’ debut.  The deep synths mixed with those blips of acoustic guitars are just soothing and really leaves an interesting feel in my mind.  Yumi sounds lively and bright in the song and mixing in the arrangement wonders, I just fell in love with the song!  Some of it reminds me of “Kakenukeru”, but this is pretty impressive!

3. earworm

Interesting that it’s the only song that doesn’t have an instrumental on the single.  earworm is even more lowkey than “end of refrain” with its etheral feel and the light vocals from Yumi.  I’m not sure what that light clanking is supposed to be, but after a while it’s replaced by otherworldly sounds that gives this uncertainty kind of feel about it, but it’s definitely an experimental pull.  Very interesting indeed.



Did school food punishment really disband though? XD.  What happened was that they did actually disband because Yumi wanted something else, which might not transate well going into la la larks as it’s her, Ryo Eguchi (the main producer that’s done a lot of sfp’s stuff) and three new members (basically dropping the remaining two members from sfp altogether).  As their first single, ego-izm really feels like we never really lost sfp and the core sound remained intact (which is a pleasant thing to know).  All three songs are really nice songs to listen to and hope there’s more in the future from them *RECOMMENDED*


4 Responses to “la la larks – ego-izm”

  1. Spade Says:

    I’ve not yet acquainted myself with much of sfp’s post-indies music (“You May Crawl” is still my #1 fave song of theirs). As a result, when I had music from this single running thru my head earlier this year, I’d often end up thinking it was from yanaginagi instead! (Seriously, make an iTunes playlist of la la larks and yanaginagi, put it on shuffle, and they’d all go together quite seamlessly.) Does this mean yanaginagi borrowed elements of her sound from latter-day sfp? (Definitely not a bad thing!)

    Also, from the information I’ve been able to glean from Wikipedia and the wiki at generasia.com, Hasuo Masayuki was sfp’s keyboard player, and the only member to appear on all the group’s recordings alongside Yumi. (His playing is a major part of what I love about “You May Crawl”.) I do see Ryo Eguchi’s name credited on their post-indies singles – first under music arrangement, later under music composition and even lyrics as well.

    So, my (possibly incorrect) impression is that Ryo Eguchi arrived as an external creative force in their post-indies recordings, and grew in prominence and influence, to the possible growing displeasure of the sfp band members apart from Yumi. When things finally came to a head, Yumi departed to continue working with Ryo – this could explain Yumi leaving sfp yet continuing with the same sound in another band.

    In any event, thanks for reviewing this! I’d forgotten how much I liked it back when it came out, you’ve inspired me to go back and listen to it again. 🙂 I’m also hopeful that la la larks will release more music, though the lack of news about a followup single (or album) after over 4 months isn’t encouraging. :/

  2. ryshiko Says:

    I have to say, I never listened to school food punishment. I’m really enjoying all three of these tracks! Really like following your blog – keeps me up to date with Japanese music and introduces me to great stuff. It’s overdue, but thank you!

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