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Nana Mizuki – Kindan no Resistance October 12, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Kindan no Resistance
  2. BLUE
  3. Dream Rider

1. Kindan no Resistance

I really love the Celtic intro of Kindan no Resistance and then it blows up to this interesting mix of that and rock!  Something about the mix of that and pan flute just seems so epic!  Add on Nana’s already stellar vocals and this song just wrapped up in this pretty awesome song that breaks away from her synth-anison songs (like her last single “Vitalization”).  It’s been a long while since I’ve loved something that wasn’t so synth-dependent and I’m happy it’s this song!  Great A-side!


Next up is the ballad, BLUE.  Now after being spoiled by “Ai no Hoshi”, BLUE just kind of comes in to bring a ballad onto the single so I was curious if she was going to sound good here.  For the most part, Nana sounds great and surprises me how she can so good with not much of an arrangement (which consists of light orchestration, but mostly piano for the first half).  After that, the song just builds with more instruments and a much stronger foundation.  It’s a pretty good ballad, still not as perfect as the aforementioned, but definitely another winner!

3. Dream Rider

If I had learned anything, usually the 2nd B-side turns out to be the -fun- song of the single and it definitely suits Dream Rider as it’s poppy and has a lot of 90s nostalgia throughout.  At some points it made me wonder if I was listening to Koda Kumi or GIRL NEXT DOOR given the atmosphere and arrangement.  It’s not as memorable like the previous two tracks, but I suppose it’s one of her better cute songs out there.



After “SUPERNAL LIBERTY”, I was kind of expecting her to take a break and come back next year, but nope she released this single and really this was some good stuff.  Breaking away from the synths for a bit, Kindan no Resistance is a pretty powerful song from her A-sides and I just loved every minute of it!  BLUE also did well as the single’s ballad and proves that she has the chops for it down-pat.  Dream Rider while my least favorite on the single, managed to sound nostalgic and fun, but doesn’t leave an impression on me as I wished it did.


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