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Morning Musume ’14 – TIKI BUN/Shabadabadoo~/Mikaeri Bijin October 14, 2014

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Track Listing

  2. Shabadabadoo~
  3. Mikaeri Bijin
  4. TIKI BUN (Instrumental)
  5. Shabadabadoo~ (Instrumental)
  6. Mikaeri Bijin (Instrumental)


So the single begins with the leading A-side and Tsunku still hasn’t exactly strayed away from his EDM obsession which might bother some and after “Password is 0”, I felt like probably it was time for a change but alas wasn’t the situation.  Funny enough, it kind of has the similar qualms I had with the aforementioned track by being very repetitive (by repeating the title, which sounds more like ~cheeky boo~ than anything else).  Though the intro is pretty badass of one if I must say so, but the rest of the song kind of just goes to the back because a lot of it is saying the title.  I hope after this, there’ll be a new lease of sound and we can take a break from the utmost amount of electronics.  It’s OK, but I’m starting to feel slightly bored.

2. Shabadabadoo~

The rest of the A-sides are spl, but for special reasons.  Shabadabadoo~ is actually Sayumi’s solo song (the third one she’s got after “It’s You” and “Lalala no Pipipi”) and this song really accentuates Sayumi in and out.  From the bubbly loungey sound to the lyrics that really signifies Sayumi’s time with Morning Musume.  It’s pretty interesting of a song and hearing Sayu ad-libbing is adorable!  There’s even small quips from Haruna and Mizuki here which is nice as they’re the sub-leaders and all.  The song overall is a great little love letter about Sayu and while she still can’t carry a tune like many other members before and after her, she’s definitely left a mark, a pretty memorable one!

3. Mikaeri Bijin

As for the 3rd A-side, I was surprised to hear that Tsunku had no input and was left for an enka artist to handle.  This song only has the rest of the groups sans Sayu singing here and truth be told, it’s a unison song for the most part.  It’s basically a song to say goodbye to Sayu and it really hits home for a lot of people since many did come in during the Platinum era and were there to see the Rokkies debut.  As for the song, I’m really enjoying that the ladies are utilizing a lower key in comparison to their normal works so the voices are hitting lower notes which is impressive.  Very different song, but I liked this song and made for a nice ending to a great leader.



As the 3rd and final single before their 14th album releases, their last single as “’14”, TIKI BUN/Shabadabadoo~/Mikaeri Bijin is a pretty OK single, it doesn’t have the power and memorability that the previous two singles had (and even more beforehand) but this single kind of feels like a point of whether the group should switch genres.  TIKI BUN is ok, but it also has its issues like the dependence on repetition, it’s just not working for me anymore.  Shabadabadoo~ is was more of that cute Sayu we all love and I’ll definitely miss her appearances in songs (since her auto-tuned voice is one of the most-well known sounds).  Mikaeri Bijin was also a nice send-off from the rest of the group and is really the best the single has as it’s so different from what we’ve gotten from Momusu for a long time.  With 4 new girls added and Sayu graduating, I wonder how they’ll sound when they debut in 2015…Now we wait for the upcoming album!


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