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°C-ute – I miss you/THE FUTURE November 19, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. I miss you
  3. I miss you (Instrumental)
  4. THE FUTURE (Instrumental)

1. I miss you

When I first heard this song, I was just left lost and confused because of everything that was going on (and the lack of).  What I mean is that I miss you is a pretty weird song for H!P and not much is comparable to this track.  At first I was pretty into it wiith the strings and beat mixed with the electronic riffs and with Airi and Chisato singing their parts, but then it splits to Nakky, Maimai, and Maimi adding a second vocal line behind the girls before Maimi leads.  Then it jsut gets seriously messy when Airi, Chisato sing one part, Maimai and Nakky singing another and Maimi singing a part getting this triple vocal melody that is REALLY hard to follow.  Though I think it’s clear that Maimi has the leading role with this song.  What got me the most though is how I thought the chorus was the ~I miss you, i miss you, i miss you~ line when that was actually the mid8 section…I believe the chorus is the triple melodies which is pretty weird to me and to add on top, it feels REALLY short of a song.  It’s a bizarre and slightly convoluted track, but it feels unique and I like it, even with its strange moments.


At least the group falls back to a more comfortable position for the other A-side of the single and ironically the title made me thing it could’ve been connected to their last single “The Power”.  It begins pretty energetically with heavy synth punches and guitar licks as well and I loved it so much!  There’s some pretty quick-paced lines throughout the group and then some pretty cool verses too!  It’s a pretty standard EDM track, but I think °C-ute handles these songs quite perfectly so I’m very content with it.



I was worrying that °C-ute wasn’t going to release a 3rd single this year considering the gap between this and their last single “The Power/Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version)”.  This single is actually one I really enjoyed from them this year.  I miss you (while really weird, technically) is a pretty unique song and worked well for the group and it’s been a while since Maimi led a song but still great and THE FUTURE is just °C-ute doing what they do best with energetic dance tracks.  Overall a great end of 2014 for the group!


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