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Kalafina – believe November 19, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. believe
  2. in every nothing
  3. lapis
  4. believe ~TV size~
  5. believe ~instrumental~

1. believe

Man, does the opening of the song sound like some cinematic movie score, add on that it changes into this kind of rock mid-tempo which is actually something I really found myself loving.  Even though the chorus sounds like something they’ve pulled off before.  Though the verses are really nice to my ears and having WAKANA and HIKARU lead is just right. Man, I need more KEIKO though lol.  I think she has a pretty big line here somewhere xD.  Overall, not bad, but I think the chorus is the weakest part of the track.

2. in every nothing

What a beautiful introduction to the first B-side.  It really gives off this medieval and dark setting which is always a good thing in my book.  I can really see myself loving hearin this live because it has this rather strong appearance and the ladies really sound into it as well.  I feel like this could’ve been a great song from “Red Moon” with its unique sound.  I’m really loving whoever leads this one because she has a lot of power and has a striking voice here.  Definitely the best the single has to offer.

3. lapis

Of course the 3rd song from the single was going to be a ballad.  Though it’s a bit different than most efforts prior by having a king of lullaby-like dream/atmospheric kind of arrangement that popped out at me.  All of the ladies sound splendid here and even manages to throw in a guitar solo as well.  I think it’s actually one of the better Kalafina ballads out there.



After being disappointed with how little there was to their last single “heavenly blue” (yes, I know it was a recut single, but there should’ve been more incentive to getting it), believe is interesting…still not as good as “Kimi no Gin no Niwa” was but it’s nice.  believe is mostly good, but a way-too familiar chorus kind of kills some of it.  lapis is a nice atmospheric ballad from the group and stands out nicely.  Although I will say that in every nothing won me over, it’s got a cool sound and the vocals are just powerful.  Overall, good single.


One Response to “Kalafina – believe”

  1. burakki Says:

    Agree with you so much. in every nothing is so good.

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