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Namie Amuro – BRIGHTER DAY November 19, 2014

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Track Listing

  3. Still Lovin’ You
  4. BRIGHTER DAY (Instrumental)
  5. SWEET KISSES (Instrumental)
  6. Still Lovin’ You (Instrumental)


Hmm, I really liked the way BRIGHTER DAY started with some fade-in strings before turning into this synth-heavy/string fusion of a mid-tempo track.  I can also tell that Namies English has gotten somewhat better from her last single which is a pretty good sign!  There’s something so bright and positive about the song and it’s really winning me over.  Namie of course sounds great so altogether it’s a pleasant-sounding track, definitely worth being an A-side.


Then the first B-side comes up and it quickly gave me some “STYLE” and “PLAY” vibes with it’s boom-clap arrangement.  I wasn’t expecting Namie to have made this one all English, but like I said above, she’s worked a lot since “Uncontrolled” and “FEEL”.  I’m finding myself instantly tapping my feet with the song and there’s just something so sassy and right with the tune.  Definitely an impressive song, short but left a great impression.

3. Still Lovin’ You

What, not in all caps?  Unlike the other two tracks, this one takes a more pop ballad feel which is nice and kind of has elements from the previous songs (at least that’s how I felt at least).  Yeah, her accent is probably the most evident here, but there’s something so sentimental on how she performed that really stuck to me.  Though I do prefer the previous tracks to this one, it closes the single out on a nice note.



It feels like it’s been forever since Namie released a single (though “TSUKI” wasn’t that long ago).  I have to say, Namie outdoes herself with her singles and BRIGHTER DAY is no different.  I really found myself loving the leading song and SWEET KISSES was that kick in the butt I needed.  Still Lovin’ You is pretty good too, but isn’t my taste persay, but it’s a nice tune.  Can’t wait for what’s next!


2 Responses to “Namie Amuro – BRIGHTER DAY”

  1. cocytus Says:

    this was a good single, but of her two releases in 2014, I liked tsuki better. It was nice seeing Namie try something new and different from pop ballads, more upbeat and ‘fresh’.

  2. Nepgear Says:

    Sweet Kisses is my jam right now. Perfect song, tbh…

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