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Nami Tamaki – Vivid Telepathy November 20, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Vivid Telepathy
  2. Do Ya Wanna Dance
  3. Vivid Telepathy (instrumental)
  4. Do Ya Wanna Dance (instrumental)

1. Vivid Telepathy

Well, I wasn’t expecting Nami to have really pulled the nostalgic strings for Vivid Telepathy because this sounds a LOT like something she would’ve released back in her “greeting” and “Make Progress” days.  You know, a very dance-centric anison song.  It even has some of the instrumentation and chords that really made up a lot of Nami’s music back then and I appreciated that a lot!  Though the second verse with that dubstep wubbing was a bit lost on me, but it’s a small negative in comparison to the rest of the track.  Overall, a pretty good song and fits snuggly with her list of anison tracks she’s done.

2. Do Ya Wanna Dance

As for the B-side however, she kind of slipped up.  Do Ya Wanna Dance is trying to be a little more on the cool side, but there’s something so wrong with the track from the gritty synth melody and wubs and to top that off, Nami is under HEAVY auto-tune influence throughout the song and the only voices that aren’t covered are the background singers which throws me off!  I mean the song is in the current sound, but it’s just to much for me to handle and she doesn’t even do a good job singing either…a lot of English thrown in too.  It was just a meh B-side.



Interesting to see that Warner got Nami to release this single for sure!  Anyways, Vivid Telepathy is an OK single, not as good as her last 3 singles have been, but decent.  The leading track is a great callback to her early days and she nailed that pretty damn well, the disappointment came more from the B-side which was a pretty hot mess and didn’t showcase anything good (too much auto-tune, the reliance on the background singers, the Engrish)…I really want a Nami album soon!