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ANGERME – Taikibansei/Otome no Gyakushuu February 19, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Taikibansei
  2. Otome no Gyakushuu
  3. Taikibansei (Instrumental)
  4. Otome no Gyakushuu (Instrumental)

1. Taikibansei

Wow how sudden was that announcement of S/mileage not only gaining three new members into its ranks but to altogether change the group’s name to ANGERME (well pronounced an-juru-meh).  I can’t but have been more curious to what this would all turn out with the first song under this new name.  It didn’t help that Tsunku didn’t any part to this song as it was written by Takui Nakajima (who has his own version as well).  This tune is quite something as it’s fast and has a bright atmosphere mixed with Takui’s groovy guitarwork thrown in.  Now it’s strange that most of the song it’s paired up into trios during the verses and the only solos to be had are from Ayacho and new member Mizuki Murota before the final chorus.  I personally enjoyed the tune and sadly, it’s WAY better performed than in the studio version…oops.

2. Otome no Gyakushuu

The other A-side, Otome no Gyakushuu has a bit more going on with its line distribution and surprised that the 2nd Generation popping out more here than before.  The tune itself is quite quirky and would’ve been great released around Halloween with its dramatic arrangement and that waltz in the mid-8 just made it moreso.  Once again it doesn’t fully show off the new members with the exception of Murotan who just from listening to the entire single is coming off as the ace (visually it’s Rikako, but musically no).  It’s a pretty cool song overall and stuck out especially after the last couple of S/mileage singles.



Hello! Project in 2015 is a whole new ballgame that’s for sure!  The first single released was from ANGERME who from like I said above an identity switch to kind of close the chapter for S/mileage.  With Taikibansei/Otome no Gyakushuu it did feel totally different from S/mileage’s near emo-musume walk.  Now the new members really didn’t pop out musically for me except for Murotan, and luckily I loved her in the Kenshuusei as she was my oshi for some time now and was ecstatic for her joining this group.  Rikako is more visually the front girl and Maho is some awkward hills to overcome but I hope in time they both get something more substantial in the music!


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