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Ayumi Hamasaki – Zutto…/Last minute/Walk February 19, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Zutto…
  2. Last minute
  3. Walk
  4. WINTER BALLAD MEDLEY (Days~CAROLS~No way to say~JEWEL~You were…~momentum~POWDER SNOW) (Fanclub Limited Edition only)
  5. Zutto… -Instrumental-
  6. Last Minute -Instrumental-
  7. Walk -Instrumental-

1. Zutto…

A winter ballad triple A-side huh?  Well, I suppose it’s a thing for her now huh?  Being the first on the list, Zutto… has something about that kind of reminds me of her sound in the past and I appreciate it quite a lot.  Ayu sounds great here and gives a lot of emotion in this track and I love the arrangement being quite and yet loud when it needs to be.  I enjoyed it quite a bit and definitely stuck out from her ballads, well that is until…

2. Last minute

The 2nd of songs, Last minute is a lot more quiet than “Zutto…” for sure which brings out Ayu’s vocals further to the foreground.  Initially, I was bored of this one because of the sparse arrangement, when the chorus hits, guitars enter the fray and turns it into this powerful rock ballad and Ayu’s vocals are even stronger than in “Zutto…” which says a lot here.  The most impressive song on the single!

3. Walk

The final A-side of this single, Walk is the quietest of the three which comes as no surprise to me that I just didn’t care for it in the long run.  Something about this song just didn’t cut it and it felt like it stayed on the same path the entire way and that bores me a lot!  Oh well…

4. WINTER BALLAD MEDLEY (Days~CAROLS~No way to say~JEWEL~You were…~momentum~POWDER SNOW)

Took her long enough to release a winter medley to correspond to the summer medley she released back in 2009.  For what it is, it’s a nice collection of songs that were used (though I’m not sure if all of these songs constitute as wintry ballads, momentum and No way to say being the main ones).  At least the transitions are smooth and the songs themselves are all still nice to listen to and this just solidifies my enjoyment with most of them.



Ahhh, Ayu another winter single…kind of is getting boring.  At least this one was pretty decent overall.  I really liked Zutto… and Last minute quite a lot (the latter the most because it’s got guitars and sounds epic!).  Zutto… could be like “DAYS” where the melody is the most impressive thing it has.  Sadly, the weakest link for me was Walk…just sounded a bit bland and lifeless in comparison.  Of coure the medley are for the big fans out there and I can’t help but say it was nice of a listen despite a couple songs being odd choices.  Can’t wait for her upcoming album!


One Response to “Ayumi Hamasaki – Zutto…/Last minute/Walk”

  1. shinitakashi Says:

    I’m glad to see you and I have the same opinions. Like, “Last minute” was amazing, but the other two? Sorry, just atypical Ayu ballads. In other words: Boring.

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