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Koda Kumi – Dance In The Rain February 19, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Dance In The Rain
  2. Dance In The Rain (Instrumental)

1. Dance In The Rain

Being a Kuu fan has had its ups and downs, but luckily she really stepped it up for Dance In The Rain.  Initially I did think it was going to be an R&B ballad of sorts but I was quite wrong there!  The tune is something nice and Kumi really sounds amazing in this track for sure!  The arrangement has a nice solemn sound to it and with Kumi using a lot of her deeper tones to add that emotional spark was just impressive.  The chorus though is so catchy and really strong for sure…Yeah, impressed with this one a lot more than anything from “HOTEL” that’s for sure.



Releasing this single as a fanclub single (something avex has been doing recently) and I was sad that the single would be lacking in content, but Dance In The Rain is an impressive song for Kumi, just because it is something different and not stretching her genres thin like she sometimes does.  I am happy it’ll be on her upcoming album at least!


One Response to “Koda Kumi – Dance In The Rain”

  1. shinitakashi Says:

    I have to admit: At first I was really underwhelmed by this, but it has grown on me immensely. I quite like “Dance In The Rain” now.

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