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Nana Mizuki – Eden February 19, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Eden
  2. No Limit
  3. Shuumatsu no Love Song
  4. Necessary

1. Eden

After all the epic songs she’s released in the last couple of years, I was expecting one to pop up where I just didn’t get interested in and that would be in Eden.  I do get a clear feeling that it’s like “SCARLET KNIGHT” with a more dramatic arrangement.  With out the percussion, this song would’ve just been a ballad and is it bad that I would’ve had had that be the case because I come off annoyed with the drums here (and less the guitars).  I don’t know, maybe I’ll get used to it, but as of right now Eden seems a bit overdone for me.

2. No Limit

Then comes No Limit which I personally would’ve rather had be the A-side because it shows off her vocals better and the arrangement sounds amazing here for some reason.  It definitely fits her style that she had in “Vitalization” mixing in some strings and letting up slightly on the synths.  Yeah I’m definitely digging this track for sure!

3. Shuumatsu no Love Song

Our next B-side is well…more of the same to be honest.  I mean Shuumatsu no Love Song has a stronger guitar feel to it, but beyond that it might as well been something akin to “No Limit” lol.  I’m here nor there with it, it’s a B-side lol.

4. Necessary

Of course we can’t have a Nana single without a ballad closing it out.  Necessary is one of those songs that tries to make itself try to surpass “Ai no Hoshi” and doesn’t come very close to pulling that off.  I will say as usual Nana sounds good regardless and she’s hitting some high notes for sure!  Not bad overall, but she’s done better.



Maybe it’s just me and the fact that I’ve been loving her futuristic powerhouse songs so much, but I came off Eden feeling slightly disappointed.  Eden has the workings of an awesome ballad, but she needs to get rid of the drums and guitars and it’d have been perfect!  Which means the best song of the single was No Limit, but it’s not saying too much since it runs with her other good anison tunes.  Necessary is a nice listen and Shuumatsu no Love Song just came off as a generic clone of a song that’s already on the single.  Hoping she bounces back with her next one!


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