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Up Up Girls – Beautiful Dreamer/Zenryoku! Pump Up!! -ULTRA Mix-/Itadaki wo Mezasu! February 19, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Beautiful Dreamer
  2. Zenryoku! Pump Up!! -ULTRA Mix-
  3. Itadaki wo Mesazu!
  4. Zenryoku! Pump Up!! -ULTRA Mix- DJ WILD PARTY REMIX (Limited B only)
  5. Beautiful Dreamer (instrumental)
  6. Zenryoku! Pump Up!! -ULTRA Mix- (instrumental)
  7. Itadaki wo Mesazu! (instrumental)

1. Beautiful Dreamer

The first song from the single, Beautiful Dreamer is more of what we’ve come to know from UUG and I’m used to that, but I’m not used to hearing Manami Arai actually having the first solo lines in the song xD.  She’s really getting popular for some strange reason but I love it, means some of the back girls are getting importance!  The song itself is pretty much a synth-heavy idol track so it might not impress, but I do enjoy the arrangement xD.  Though I will say that rap section between Arai, Saho, and Sengoku is a bit awkward…still not a bad song, but nothing like “Zenryoku! Pump Up!!”…

2. Zenryoku! Pump Up!! -ULTRA Mix-

About that, we get a remix of the song as an A-side?  Ok, weird.  I LOVE the original so I was a little worried with a remix, but it just adds a lot more synths and some of the areas are done differently.  It still carries the energy and some of the song remained untouched so it wasn’t a mind-blowing remix but more of a simple edit…not bad and I still love the energy!

3. Itadaki wo Mesazu!

Happy to see Ayano Sato get some love in this song as she gets a solo within it!  The song itself is definitely in a strong EDM fashion (like a lot of their songs recently) but it sounds kind of Western which is something new for them.  Overall the song is quite nice and probably my favorite (“Zenryoku! Pump Up!!” doesn’t count here).

4. Zenryoku! Pump Up!! -ULTRA Mix- DJ WILD PARTY REMIX

Wait, a remix of a remix?!?  This sounds bizarre already XD.  What can I say about this one?  It sounds nice but the synths are well…wild and I couldn’t fully keep up with everything it had to offer.  Yeah it still is a punching song and everything but damn it couldn’t be more messy overall…bleh xD



Wow UUG actually made it through 2014 without bombarding us with singles (usually they release 8 singles, but this one is the 3rd one of 2014).  I’ve noticed that the group has been moving away from their pop/rock sound to a more EDM sound which might become a nuisance since H!P has been doing that all year.  Though I have to say that at least Itadaki wo Mesazu! sounds a bit like Western club hits so I quite enjoyed it over Beautiful Dreamer.  The new mix for Zenryoku! Pump Up!! is not bad, but unnecessary to me.  With their 3rd album announced, one can wonder what’ll be on it!


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