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Juice=Juice – Engeki Joshi-bu Musical “Koisuru Hello Kitty” Original Mini-Album February 24, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. HELLO!
  2. Shooting Star
  3. Todoke Todoke Todoke!
  4. Anata ga Wakaranai
  5. Honto no Kimochi


Opening up their stageplay mini-album, we begin things on an upbeat track HELLO!  I will warn you though, there’s a WHOLE lot of Karin involved here which might not turn people off but just saying.  I like the arrangement of the track a lot as it included some accordion and a butt-ton of strings, but also some genki voices from the group.  I do like it slows down in the middle of the track for a long Karin solo xD then quickly moves into a speedy area which includes Tomoko and Sayuki…weird transitions if you ask me.  Interesting opening track though!

2. Shooting Star

Our next song calms things a down a little by giving us a more natural sounding tune (and that I mean acoustic guitars instead of all the energy from “HELLO!”.  Once again the song is covered by a whole lot of Karin here and the other girls are more in the back.  Though I will say I do love this song a lot for some reason.  Especially the final chorus where all the girls start to sing along…it sounds awesome (though I think I hear Sayuki and Tomoko only and none of the other ladies).  Also, speaking parts are starting to appear and I kind of think that is getting bad.  Overall the best of the mini-album.

3. Todoke Todoke Todoke!

Wait, a song that doesn’t start with Karin?!?  Yup, it’s Kanatomo that begins and she sounds amazing here, but let’s not forget Karin because she joins in too.  I really hate don’t like the interruptions of plot in the middle of the song, kind of just takes me out of the song.  Most of the song is a ballad between the members mixed with speaking sections up until the ending half where the tune opens up and gets a little more dramatic which was cool but it was a little too late for me.  Still not too bad.

4. Anata ga Wakaranai

I will say this song though perked my ears because has a little more dramatic push that kind of reminds me of stuff from “LILIUM” (the Momusu/S/mileage stageplay).  Of course Karin has more parts, but the focus seems to be put on Sayubee here which is always nice to hear as she sounds amazing in a lower tone.  Actually, this is the first time I hear Yuka and Akari on this mini-album (surprises me how little they’re featured here).  Still, it’s a pretty good ballad overall and would love to hear Juice=Juice pull something like this in their main discography one day.

5. Honto no Kimochi

The final song on the mini, Honto no Kimochi is one of the simpler arranged ballads featuring a lone piano for a good portion of the track.  Though, I can’t help that to be more bored with this song because of its simplicity.  Tomoko and Sayuki do join Karin after a while (with some randomly placed speaking sections) and the song tosses some strings and light percussion to add spice.  Still doesn’t capture my interest like “Anata ga Wakaranai” did though.



I’m not sure what I was expecting from a stageplay mini from Juice=Juice, but I was hoping that it wouldn’t have been a Karin fest so much as it was here.  Koisuru Hello Kitty to me is the weakest of the stageplay releases (“LILIUM” and “Smile Fantasy!” being the others).  There was just something so meh about this release although I do like Shooting Star and Anata ga Wakaranai a lot…still kind of was a weaker release.  What could I say simply for a stageplay with Hello Kitty involved? XD


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