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moumoon – Hello, shooting-star March 5, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Hello, shooting-star
  2. BF

1. Hello, shooting-star

Ahhhh, how relaxing is moumoon sometimes, they just make sweet slow songs and even if recently they’ve been more upbeat, it’s great to see the duo go back to something light and slow such as Hello, shooting-star.  I love the pacing here and it’s just nice to hear YUKA’s voice lulling me to a calm state of mind in songs like these.  Add on Masaki’s acoustic guitar lines and it’s just a simple, but pleasant overall tune.

2. BF

Then of course we have an opposite with the B-side and BF is a more upbeat giving from them.  The fact that the song is about best friends and the friendship in between two people is so cute and it helps that YUKA is singing the song entirely in English which adds that bit of sheer cuteness here.  More adorable than the A-side that’s for sure lol!



moumoon’s 2nd single in this era was pretty simple, yet so cute and so them overall.  Hello, shooting-star is a nice and dreamy tune that still continues to show that the duo can really make ballads all their own and it was a cute and relaxing song.  BF on the other hand amped up on the cute factor by singing about friendships and the like…maybe a little too sugary cute, but moumoon’s cute songs have mostly rode on that line of cute and too cute.  It’ll be interesting to see what they’re next album will turn out to be like.


One Response to “moumoon – Hello, shooting-star”

  1. Mack Says:

    I might need to return to listen BF, based on this. I really loved this A-side, as someone who hasn’t listened much of moumoon I got to accept that this was an amazong even as a relaxing tune.

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