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AAA – Lil’ Infinity March 6, 2015

Filed under: AAA — solarblade @ 12:43 pm


Track Listing

  1. Lil’ Infinity
  2. Lil’ Infinity (Instrumental)

1. Lil’ Infinity

Well, the next single in the series, Lil’ Infinity tones things down a little bit with a kind of mix of a strings ballad and light dance tune.  I do love how Misako and Chiaki opened the song with their voices this time around instead of Urata.  Sadly just like the last A-side, it really doesn’t pop out like their singles prior to this series and still feels like this one could be easily an album song more or less.



As the 2nd of this 7 month series, Lil’ Infinity feels just like “I’ll be there” where the song is not really all that memorable to me and will probably be forgotten once this things ends (or culminates to an album).  I did notice though by the art covers that by the 7th and final single, the covers will spell out ATTACK ALL AROUND, which is pretty neat!  Overall meh single.


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