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Kyarypamyupamyu – Mondai Girl March 19, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Mondai Girl
  3. My Room
  4. CANDY CANDY -remix-
  5. Mondai Girl (Instrumental)
  6. KISEKAE (Instrumental)
  7. My Room (Instrumental)

1. Mondai Girl

I knew Kyary had in her to release another great A-side in the form of Mondai Girl.  It definitely feels like it has a cool 80’s feel to it mixed with her normal zaniness that we’ve all come to love.  I actually think the verses were OK, but the pre-chorus and the chorus is just orgasmic to my ears.  Mostly thanks to Nakata that’s for sure, but I definitely approve of the arrangement regardless.  Definitely didn’t feel repetitive as “Kira Kira Killer” ended up slightly being…great way to kick off the era.


Is it me, or does KISEKAE remind me of a Perfume song?  Used as a CM song for the 3DS, KISEKAE is more of the cuter side of things and the arrangement is also quite simpler overall.  I do enjoy the fantasy-like soundscape it puts out and the fluffy sound is pretty refreshing, but the song itself is something I don’t remember too much in the long run.  I was also surprised with how much her voice was drowning in the vocoder.

3. My Room

Now this seems like the normal B-side we would’ve gotten from Kyary as it’s quite sugary and bouncy and fitting for a Children’s show even though this was also a CM song too.  Not sure if it stands out either amongst the other cute songs she’s already done.  I will say the playful piano is probably the best asset of the track, but otherwise meh.

4. CANDY CANDY -remix-

Oh?  No extension of the A-side (or something from “Pikapika Fantajin”?).  Hearing a remix of one of my favorite songs from “Pamyupamyu Revolution” was intriguing, but I was wondering how it was going to change things…and it did just that.  Though I feel like the song is slower with the lyrics even though I don’t think it is.  I was laughing after the intro because it changes into a club banger (which is the opposite of it originally).  It’s an interesting take on the song and definitely has a different tone.

Kyary begins her new era off with a pretty strong A-side in Mondai Girl.  It’s definitely A-side material and has a cool 80’s adventure feel to it and can stand amongst the other lead tracks she’s had.  However, the rest of the single just kind of fell flat for me.  KISEKAE was slightly good, but not really memorable, but My Room was a lot worse as it was just an idea we’ve heard a lot before and the CANDY CANDY remix was….different to say the least…I hope she’s does better from here on out.


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