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THE Possible – 1116 March 23, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Reborn
  2. Do Me! Do!
  3. Lovely! Lovely!
  4. Otome! Be Ambitious!
  5. Nanja Korya?! (Vocal Nude Version)
  6. Yuuki Superball! (Album Version)
  7. Sakura
  8. Nanka Sungoi Koto mo Dekiso da Zou!
  9. Koi ga Dancing!
  10. Eien Fireball
  11. Saa Koi! Happiness!
  12. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!
  13. Itoshisa no Kasanete

1. Reborn

The group’s 3rd album kicks off with Reborn and it starts with a heartbeat and some guitar chords and a darker sound than I was expecting from the group.  I do find the ~bumbumbum~ parts to be humorous for some reason.  This song does some interesting things with the vocals (or vocalist because for most of the song, it’s only Aina Hashimoto singing)…she’s pretty damn impressive in this song showing so much of her singing prowess here.  Eventually the remainder of the group join up, but at that point it’s almost the end.  Overall, it’s an interesting opening song and totally unexpected after the singles representing the album.

2. Do Me! Do!

It leads into the B-side from “Yuuki Super Ball!” which was one of the many B-sides of said single.  Do Me! Do! is a bit more energetic than “Reborn” was and has a lot more going on with its arrangement like heavier beats and synths all-over.  Plus it’s essentially Aina and Robin with the lines here.  I love the energy though and kind of reminds me of the more memorable songs of  the past.

3. Lovely! Lovely!

Seems like Yuki Goto gets a solo song in the form of Lovely! Lovely! and already the tune has a kind of nostalgic idol sound to it.  While Gotuu doesn’t have the strongest vocals within the group, it’s cute for sure and there are some catchy parts like the after-chorus.

4. Otome! Be Ambitious!

I remember hearing this single and was surprised how much energy was coming from the group.  It’s a fun song to listen to and the group has a lot of interesting moments on top of the easy-to-chant arrangement for sure.  I also loved the PV that accompanied this song, really show how far the group will go hahaha!

5. Nanja Korya?! (Vocal Nude Version)

As their first single under Victor, Nanja Korya?! got me into the group which means it’s an instant favorite for me.  The energy is off the wall and the ladies sound so cool and managed to match the different areas of the song.  Now you must be wondering what the Vocal Nude version is all about and what it is…the second chorus and some of the final chorus cuts out the music and the only thing you hear are the girls sing (basically this version was used in the PV).  To be fair, I was so surprised when the music cut out and the members have their solo lines…  Still a pretty awesome song from them!

6. Yuuki Super Ball! (Album Version)

Seems like the 4th A-side released for the album also got touched up for the album as well.  The differences aren’t as apparent except 10 seconds were shaved off of the song.  It feels like the song was just slightly updated and certain sounds stand a bit more than the single version.  Oh wait, they edited out the concert chanting found in the mid-8 section, which was a problem I had with the single cut since it kind of made the song become really low quality (at least to me it felt like it) so the album version omits that mess….GOOD!  Overall a fun song and definitely worth being an A-side.

7. Sakura

Next is the B-side from “Otome! Be Ambitious!”, Sakura.  After the string of upbeat songs, I was surprised that Sakura would just randomly pop up and slow things down.  Yeah, a mid-tempo with a whole lot of acoustic guitar and piano.  Sadly, it’s a song that I forget exists from them because of its lowkey presence to its single AND album.

8. Nanka Sungoi Koto mo Dekiso da Zou!

Back to new songs, Nanka Sungoi Koto mo Dekiso da Zou! is an instant upbeat slap in the face after “Sakura” especially with the excitement Robin brings in with her opening lines.  The track is kind of odd-sounding, but it does sound like it’d be great at concerts because of its upbeat nature and the group sounding full of life.  I will say though that Akkyan (Yurika) and Gotuu sound terrible singing together (could be because of the latter’s poor vocals) but still it’s an OK song…not totally great though.

9. Koi ga Dancing!

I was hoping the next new track was going to be dance-heavy like “Ijiwaru Crazy love” but this was the total opposite.  It sounds like a typical idol song, but a touch of 80’s groove and Saturday cartoons.  Funny enough the only solos belong to Yurika, Aina, and Robin.  Still the song is kind of too saccharine for my tastes.

10. Eien Fireball

It didn’t help that the next song felt the same way (plus this was older as it was the B-side of “Nanja Korya?!”).  Take out the synths and you basically have this song which still doesn’t fully stick to me even after spending as much time with it.  Just a bit generic on the album.

11. Saa Koi! Happiness!

Then we get the B-side from “Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! and I had said this was the best song from the single and funny enough it still is one of the better songs from the album because it’s energetic like most of the tracks here.  It would’ve fit snuggle alongside “Otome! Be Ambitious!” because they both share a certain concert explosion feel that I would love to see.  The quiet parts are still funny too XD…I liked this one!

12. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!

Funny enough we move to the A-side and I have slightly grown to somewhat enjoy it because like MANY other songs here, it’s very cheer-friendly, but with the numerous tracks already taking it, this one feels weak and the whole ~banzai~ is a bit overdone.  Overall, forgetful, but by itself not a bad listen.

13. Itoshisa wo Kasanete

As the final track on the album, Itoshisa wo Kasanete is a bit somber of a song (makes sense being the final track).  The best thing about this is that all 5 members have a significant solo (happy to see Kanami be the first one to sing actually).  I mean beyond that, the song isn’t all the memorable and its simplicity and slow factor is kind of covered by the rest of the album being so upbeat.

Tracks Recommended

  • Nanja Korya?! (Vocal Nude Version)
  • Reborn
  • Saa Koi! Happiness!
  • Yuuki Super Ball! (Album Version)
  • Otome! Be Ambitious!

Song of Avoidance

  • Sakura

As the group’s 3rd studio album (let’s be honest their first one was a mini-album), 1116 might not be as amazing as their sophomore effort, but still a solid one at best.  A lot of the songs really surround the idea of pumping the crowd up.  Beyond that, most of the non-cheer songs felt lacking or a bit generic.  Maybe would like to see other members get the spotlight like Mororin and Akkyan in the next era…here’s hoping it happens!


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