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TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Stay with me March 31, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Stay with me
  2. A New Departure
  3. Kasokudo
  4. Stay with me (Instrumental)
  5. A New Departure (Instrumental)
  6. Kasokudo (Instrumental)
  7. Say long goodbye -Vocal Only for REMIX- (Type A, B, C only)

1. Stay with me

It feels like we’re finally getting something different from being a ballad or being something funky…it’s actually a mix of both ironically.  Though what caught my attention the most is that this is mostly Hitomi singing here and the other 4 members are basically backups.  I’m a bit disappointed because I could so see Yuri or Ayano tackling these verses a lot better than just leaving it for one girl.  The song though sounds really refreshing but familiar to their fans.  Interesting though.

2. A New Departure

The B-side of the single though sounds more like familiar territory with the kind of discotheque/funk sounds and engaging arrangement.  After having some time with their last single, A New Departure sounds good and the line distribution is more equal which is a sigh of relief after “Stay with me”.  Unfortunately, the song in the long run really doesn’t stand out in their discography…but it’s bright and not on the serious side of things.

3. Kasokudo

Then we get Kasokudo which doesn’t focus too much on the guitar licks and brass like “A New Departure”, it still does kind of depend on the same range of sounds regardless.  Call it shallow and bland because it really didn’t interest me…At least the vocals pulled me into it, they sounded a bit more relaxed and together which I haven’t heard in a while.  So it’s not a total fail, it’s just that I’m getting slightly tired of the same-ish arrangements.

4. Say long goodbye -Vocal Only for REMIX-

So the single ends with a remix?  Actually not really, it might be FOR a remix, however the tune itself is actually in a cappella where it’s just only the vocals.  I was surprised it’d open with those REALLY high notes, but this shows off how great they are at vocals.  I just wonder what’s the use for it on this single.

Pushing the best album back til May and announcing that this is their new chapter where they’re not gonna be idols no more, Stay with me has done little to show me that they’re not idols since they’re continuing to give the same stuff we’ve been getting since they debuted.  I will admit, Stay with me is nice, but a bit too Hitomi-centered.  A New Departure and Kasokudo have nice elements, but we’ve heard this all before…they’re going to need to hit gold if they want to be seen as non-idols after their best album.


2 Responses to “TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Stay with me”

  1. Vivian Li Says:

    Haven’t listened to this single yet, but thanks for the review! 🙂

  2. Jinhwa Says:

    I like the format of “STAY WITH ME” because with Hitomi singing lead and other 4 as backup, the song give me the old time Motown feel. Like the Diana Ross & the Supremes or the Jackson 5’s formula.
    I just worried a lot about Ayano’s back injury. I hope the 5 wonderful girls can stay together for a long time. I am a big fan of Hitomi and Ayano. Also Shyoji Mei look great in the video, I believe someday Mei will be a big movie star.

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