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Juice=Juice – Wonderful World/Ça va? Ça va? April 7, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Wonderful World
  2. Ça va? Ça va?
  3. Wonderful World (Instrumental)
  4. Ça va? Ça va? (Instrumental)

1. Wonderful World

I really am not sure what to say about Juice=Juice’s first A-side here.  I wasn’t expecting the song to be so overly cutesy (rather Juice=Juice is supposed to be a cool group) and this song just doesn’t fit that bill.  I will say that the song reminds me of H!P of past which I suppose is the good thing and the vocals are OK (not sure if I’m OK with Kanatomo hitting strange high notes).  Not really a song I’ll go back to, but I suppose it has its fans somewhere.

2. Ça va? Ça va?

As for the other A-side, Ça va? Ça va? is a pretty interesting song.  I mean the intro with the ~dabadabas~ remind me of surfer rock mixed with Buono!’s “Rottara Rottara” (without the epic trio at hand).  After that, it switches the ballgame to a kind of Mediterreanean kind of tune (duh, French song title and the addition of accordion to the arrangement…makes it so much so and makes me think about Kaori Iida’s solo works oddly enough).  I’m also happy to hear everyone’s vocals are back down to the ground AND more Aarii and Yukanyan here.  It’s a pretty nice song and it has a lot more memorable parts than “Wonderful World” did so it definitely is the better of the two.



Man, when will this group release an album (still no “Erabareshi Watashitachi”?)…I actually thought the whole cool route was lost on the group with Wonderful World, I will say it’s something a little different than other H!P songs (which we’re slowly drifting away from) sadly, the song is a bit too generic sounding to me…like I felt like I’ve heard this way too many times before.  The same can’t be said about Ça va? Ça va? since it’s so French and fun to listen to.  I just hope there’s an album soon or it’ll be nothing but a best album…>.<


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