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Kobushi Factory – Nen ni wa Nen/Survivor April 7, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Nen ni wa Nen
  2. Survivor

1. Nen ni wa Nen

Well, I wasn’t sure what we were going to get with Kobushi Factory’s debut, but Nen ni wa Nen is definitely a good way to kick things off.  Focused on having a sound more akin to Buono!’s certain pop/idol/punk rock kind of feel, the song is pretty cool and has a lot of interesting things going on.  I was surprised that most of the solos here went to Rei and Minami, but everyone did comes off with at least one solo.  Plus the chorus is pretty badass I must say…what a cool way to impress me for such a new group!

2. Survivor

Though, I found it odd that they’d make a stageplay track be the group’s other A-side on the single.  Even moreso that this song is a LOT darker than what I was expecting from the group, but no surprise considering Week-end Survivor is a darker play.  The track is pretty heavy and while there isn’t much of solos unlike in “Nen ni wa Nen” (I think Ayano has the only solo), I’m enjoying the arrangement a WHOLE lot.  Not bad!

I was real curious to what Kobushi Factory was going to pull off for their debut as they kind of have ties to Berryz Kobo before their indefinite hiatus.  Nen ni wa Nen/Survivor was a single I would have not expected for the group to debut with (more or less an indies release), but this actually sounded just as good as the major groups in H!P.  I’m very intrigued to see where this group goes for the rest of the year!


One Response to “Kobushi Factory – Nen ni wa Nen/Survivor”

  1. Paru Says:

    I’ve COMPLETELY fallen in love with Country Girls, and I tend to become really close minded to other groups in similar situations to whichever ones have my heart, so I was VERY apprehensive going into Kobushi Factory.. but Nen ni wa Nen and Survivor are REALLY great ways to kick off! Seeing them perform Nen ni wa Nen on The Girls was really impressive. They sounded really good, they’re a very talented group of Kenshuusei! I haven’t found anywhere to stream and/or download the full version of Survivor though, which really sucks. The preview was impressive and was actually my first exposure to Kobushi Factory. Were you able to get your hands on the single or is there somewhere you streamed it from?

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