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Kanon Wakeshima – RIGHT LIGHT RISE April 25, 2015

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Track Listing

  2. Mayday!
  3. RIGHT LIGHT RISE (instrumental)
  4. Mayday! (instrumental)


Uhhhh, why does this song sound like it opens up with a mariachi band?  Yeah, I wasn’t expecting the song to open up that way, but after that it becomes more of what I was expecting from Kanon (though it’s a bit of a pop/rock anison track).  I do like the sound of the song and Kanon’s voice is nice…it just shows that Kanon is moving further away from her cello skills it seems.  Eh, it’s OK…but really is a switch for her.

2. Mayday!

The B-side of the single, Mayday! is a bit more edgy with gritty guitars and yet has a slightly darker tinge in comparison to “RIGHT LIGHT RISE”.  I actually dug this song more than the A-side because I always thought Kanon sung these songs better as she can emote those feelings much better.  Very cool B-side!

Let’s be honest, I was ready to see Kanon go back for another long hiatus, but she quickly announced a new single so shortly after her 3rd album, “Tsukinami”.  RIGHT LIGHT RISE sadly is probably the most generic A-side she’s released yet.  The guitarwork is OK, but Kanon could’ve been replaced by any other artist who’d probably do it better justice.  Mayday! though was the better song, something more along the vein of what we’re used to.  With another A-side announced, seems like Warner has finally got her to be more active!


2 Responses to “Kanon Wakeshima – RIGHT LIGHT RISE”

  1. shinitakashi Says:

    “RIGHT LIGHT RISE” is generic as nothing else, but I guess it gets points for being fun and catchy?
    I’m not too sure I like “Mayday!”, though. I went in expecting something great, yet found it nowhere near my expectations. Not sure how I feel about the single as a whole, but I can safely say I don’t want Kanon to head in this direction for her next album.

  2. Vivian Li Says:

    I’ve been pretty disappointed with Kanon’s releases lately..I still liked her sound up till Lolitawork Libretto much better. Not sure if she’ll ever return to that, especially considering how this single’s even more out there than her others. I agree with shinitakashi^ above.

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