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Perfume – Relax In The City/Pick Me Up April 29, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Relax In The City
  2. Pick Me Up
  3. Toumei Ningen
  4. Relax In The City -Original Instrumental-
  5. Pick Me Up -Original Instrumental-
  6. Toumei Ningen -Original Instrumental-

1. Relax In The City

As the leading A-side, Relax In The City at first came off kind of like a Kyarypamyupamyu (or a reject from “JPN”).  The almost cutesy arrangement and the vocal melody kind of seem like the song would’ve fit some children’s show.  Though, I can’t help but have myself intrigued by Nakata’s arrangement once again as it really does sound dreamy and youthful.  There’s really not much else I want to say about the song, but considering some of the other songs they’ve released for the era, this one doesn’t stick out to me.

2. Pick Me Up

Though, I can say that the other A-side was definitely something that impressed me.  I was missing energy from the group and while they did show that with “DISPLAY” from their last single, this song was cool for sure.  Add some acoustic guitar moments, solo lines from the trio and the edgy arrangement and you got a great track at hand.  I feel like this is the direction Perfume should take rather than the cuter route of songs (“Sweet Refrain”, “Hold Your Hand” and similar songs of recent times).

3. Toumei Ningen

Then we get the lone B-side of the single and Toumei Ningen was the wild card of the single since we had no preview or PV of it.  I feel like the group’s vocals are not even really processed as much as the other two, but the arrangement is still quite the bouncer which is definitely a winner but some of the melody eerily reminds me of “Pick Me Up”.  Though I can’t help but feel this one was a bit too short and lacked Perfume themselves.  I do love Nakata’s arrangement and the trance-y bits were quite awesome, but that took front row over the group.  Still a nice song into their discography.

It feels like it’s been forever since “Cling Cling”, but I have to say they did OK with their return single.  Relax In The City might not be my cup of tea, but it’s nice for the fans that have been digging the lighter side, but for me Pick Me Up was the song of the single for sure.  It left a nice adventuring feel and has such a great club feel too!  Toumei Ningen is nice, a bit short and underused the members, but it’s still good.  Overall, I think I’m ready for an album!


One Response to “Perfume – Relax In The City/Pick Me Up”

  1. Mack Says:

    Yeah. Pick Me Up is the big winner here 🙂

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