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AAA – GAME OVER? May 1, 2015

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Track Listing

  2. GAME OVER? (Instrumental)


I thought they were going to continue to release something mediocre, but with GAME OVER? things feel quite well here.  Taking a sort of dance vibe and mixing with some 8bit sounds and ideas, this track is quite exciting to listen to and just gives me a fun vibe.  Though the random spurts of English throughout is really strange to me and there’s not much of Misako or Chiaki as well (wonder if one of the next singles (not “Ashita no Hikari”) well be a girls-only production.  Either way not too bad.

As their 4th single in their line of Anniversay celebrations, GAME OVER? is actually my favorite so far.  The tune is really upbeat and the whole 8bit style mixed in with their hi-octane dance arrangement is a great thing to see, sad there’s none of the girls here, but it’s pretty good overall.