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Cupitron – Battery May 13, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Battery
  2. WARP WARP (Regular only)
  3. Pi Po Pa Talk (Regular only)
  4. Denshi Keisanki no Yume (Limited only)
  5. Battery (Instrumental)
  6. WARP WARP (Instrumental)
  7. Pi Po Pa Talk (Instrumental)
  8. Denshi Keisanki no Yume (Instrumental)

1. Battery

Seems like the trio is returning with Battery and I think they finally got a good sound going for them that didn’t sound so off like with “Unicorn Parade”.  This song is still pretty much covered by a whole lot of auto-tune, synths, and everything you’d expect from a futuristic group.  It’s very cool and the arrangement is pretty damn enticing.  Not bad for their 2nd A-side to be honest.


While I didn’t care too much for the B-sides off their last single, I was hoping for something more for this single.  Like “Battery”, WARP WARP is pretty futuristic sounding too and a lot less cute sounding which is nice!  While it’s hard to tell which of the three is singing which part, the tune is pretty adventurous and makes me think of space travel.  I quite liked this song to be honest…one of the better techno songs of late.

3. Pi Pa Po Talk

Though, I have to say that I was expecting one of the songs to be along more of their cute side and this one sounds like it.  Actually the tune ironically reminds me of something early Perfume would have LOVED to have sung.  I do love how much the arrangement sounds as it gives much more life than the previous tracks did.

4. Denshi Keisanki no Yume

The limited edition does come with a different B-side (sad there wasn’t two though).  Denshi Keisanki no Yume sounds like a bit like “WARP WARP” which is OK, but the vocals are actually a bit more alive here so I’m more invested to follow it.  It’s a pretty cool song and probably my favorite of the single!

Wow, with how little I was interested in “Unicorn Parade”, I was pleasantly surprised they picked themselves up for their 2nd single, Battery.  All four songs are pretty awesome sounding technopop songs and whoever produced the single, totally worked wonders here.  I can’t wait to see their 3rd single!


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