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Nana Mizuki – Angel Blossom May 13, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Angel Blossom
  2. Lazy Syndrome
  3. Ashita graffiti

1. Angel Blossom

Wow, not even a few seconds and it feels like things were already moving on with Angel Blossom.  Listening onwards, the song does sound like something that we’ve heard from Nana multiple times before with such dramatic strings and bright vocals.  With the sheer amount of similar songs of this nature, it was hard to find myself remembering the melody out of this one.  At least it’s an easier listen than “Eden” was so I guess you can say it was an upgrade.

2. Lazy Syndrome

Let’s hope the B-sides are better!  Starting with Lazy Syndrome, the tune has a more rock-laced arrangement that almost made me think of Stereopony for some reason which is great because I also tend to enjoy Nana’s rock tunes.  It’s a very intricate tune and Nana.  This was definitely the preferred song off the single, how odd.

3. Ashita graffiti

I was thinking the 2nd B-side would’ve been a ballad considering the tune translated is “Tomorrow graffiti”, though I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually the opposite.  It’s a fusion of rock and synths together and would’ve fit back on “SUPERNAL LIBERTY”.   Though the chorus kind of became a strange mix of typical anison chords and bright happy sounds.  Overall, the song is OK, still not as exciting as “Lazy Syndrome” however.

As Nana’s 3rd single of the era, Angel Blossom is a slightly better single than “Eden” was, but not by too much.  Angel Blossom is more of the familiar same that we’ve known Nana to do for so long so it’s OK, very safe of a song.  At least both of the B-sides were a lot more memorable and not as generic as the last singles were.  Is it album time yet?


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