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You Kikkawa – Hana May 13, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Hana
  2. Hana (Instrumental)

1. Hana

Lord Kikka!!, why would you go and make a 17 minute song and proclaim it’s the longest idol song out there?!?  Yeah, 17 minutes, but split into 3 parts.  It begins with the 1st movement, “Hinageshi no You ni” which has a pretty cool opening but turns into a happier pop tune before going into an interesting “Bohemian Rhapsody”-like section which was pretty humourous yet fun to listen to before jumping back into its poppy nature.  Then we get some spoken dialogue before we enter the ballad of the tune, “Anemone no ne”. I do think it’s the weakest area of the song, but it’s also the nicest her voice sounds.  I don’t seem to recall much of this section though so oh well.  Finally after another round of dialogue, we enter the final movement, “Cosmos e no Inori” and this is the area where a lot of Kikka’s current sound lies so it’s more familiar than the other two.  Giving it the electro boost is pretty cool and really suits amongst her other A-sides she released so far in the era.  I’m loving the part where acoustic guitar joins alongside the blazing synths as well.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Kikka to even announce something like this but it felt like a 3-song single because of how different each movement sound.  I personally love Cosmos e no Inori a lot because it continues her streak of really great sounding electro songs.  Hinageshi no You ni is pretty neat to and throwing so many ideas caught my attention early on.  Though I have to say, Anemone no ne was kind of the weak link since I barely remembered that…Interesting single, though I hope by album’s release these 3 songs split and become their own track.


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