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GENERATION 4: What happened here? May 19, 2015

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Yeah, it’s been a while hasn’t it?  I’m going to try to finish up Gen 4 before the end of the week so let’s get started with this batch (which works because all of them are evolutions of previous Pokemon.  Before you wonder, I’ll do the ORAS Megas but they’ll be put into the Gen 6 section.

075: Weavile


First in this lineup, we have Weavile which is the evolution of Sneasel by leveling it up at night while holding the Razor Claw item.  Now, I love Sneasel and is one of my favorites that came from Johto.  Once I saw Weavile though, it’s OK, but nothing too impressive besides being faster and stronger.  The headdress thing is a little strange too, but it’s not bad (the same feeling I had for Mismagius).

076: Magnezone


Next up is Magnezone (the evolution for Magneton).  Once again I ended up feeling like Magneton was OK and this was just added fluff, but I do like its design overall and I did use one in Pokemon Y at the Elite Four so not all is lost on Magnezone.  Though I find it funny that the games nowadays HAVE to have a place for it (and Probopass) because their method of evolution is leveling up in an area where there’s high magnetism: Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh, Chargestone Cave in Unova, Route 13 in Kalos, and New Mauville in ORAS).

Although curiously in Gen 8 in the first DLC, wild Magnezone is a thing, but now it evolves with a Thunder Stone (makes me wonder if Probopass would be in a similar situation)

077: Lickilicky


I will never understand why some of these Pokemon in Sinnoh got such odd evolution as in the case of Lickilicky.  Evolving it by teaching it the move Rollout and leveling up, I never thought much of this guy.  Sure, I do love Lickitung (plus I caught a Shiny one in Y), but I have no interest to evolving it to this thing that has a wi-fi symbol on its body.  I know it’s stronger, but just not interesting, though in recent times…more surprised that it was planned as early as Gen 2.

078: Rhyperior


Another strange decision, I guess Rhydon wasn’t enough of a powerhouse already and gave it an evoluton (by trading with the held item Protector on).  Though I do think out of interest, it does have a move unique only to Rhyperiors and that’s Rock Wrecker, well it was until later gens.  I still think it was just adding more power on to it, but Rhyperior isn’t a terrible design, just an odd choice.

079: Tangrowth


Like Lickitung, Tangela (a one-stage Pokemon) also for some reason got an evolution of Tangrowth (obtained by teaching it Ancient Power and leveling it up).  Yeah same feelings applied here, I don’t think Tangela necessarily needed an evoluton and the ending result is more or less nothing spectacular.

080: Electivire


At this point I’ve started to notice that most of these evolutions are of from the Kanto Pokemon, though before the game was out we only really knew of Electivire (evolves by trading it with the held item, Electirizer).  I actually love this design a lot and makes a lot of sense after trading Electabuzz.  The cable antennae are a bit odd at first, but I grew to love it and much prefer this over most of the other evolutions we got in this generation.

081: Magmortar


I thought by far in 4th Gen, Magmortar had the worst look.  I mean it doesn’t even look like its previous forms (Magby & Magmar) and looks more like a denied DBZ character.  I don’t think it needed the weird arm cannons and while I know it’s a rival to Electabuzz, I think they could’ve done better here.  Also its obtained similarly to the previous Pokemon by trading it while it’s holding the item, Magmarizer.  Ick…

082: Togekiss


Finally an evolution not based on something previous in Kanto.  Though like most of the others, I didn’t feel like Togetic needed an evolution (by the way, gained by giving it the Shiny Stone).  I’m not sure what they were going for with Togekiss.  It looks like a plane and a bird, but it looks a little plump there.  I suppose it’s cute, but I think Sugumori’s artwork here is making it look awkward…

Though things change in Gen 6 when the Fairy-type is introduced and Togekiss (and the rest of the line got this addition, changing from a Normal/Flying to Fairy/Flying).

083: Yanmega


Even Yanma gets an evolution?  It turned something that I thought was really cute and gave it a demonic evolution in Yanmega, which I’m not complaining about, but damn does that look scary.  Just like Tangrowth, you can get one of these by teaching it Ancient Power and leveling it up.  Neat evolution and definitely says dragonfly (even though it doesn’t gain the Dragon type sadly).

084: Leafeon, 085: Glaceon


Seems we get another batch of Eevee evolutions in Gen 4 covering Grass and Ice types respectively.  I personally like Leafeon’s design much more than Glaceon (but I feel like the latter looks mad basic for some reason).  Though what’s odd about the two is the way to get them.  You have to go to a Moss Rock or an Icy Rock (which are placed in different places in Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and ORAS Hoenn).  Overall. not bad and great additions to a growing evolutionary lineup.

However in Gen 8, the way to get Leafeon and/or Glaceon is changed up slightly by going back to the basic stones (the Leaf or Ice Stone)

086: Gliscor


Even Gligar gets an evolution with Gliscor (which you can get by leveling in the night while holding the Razor Fang).  I remember him mostly because Ash has one in the Anime.  Though from Gen 2, I was happy that Gligar got this evolution, making it even better in battles with its Ground/Flying mix.  Very cool Pokemon for sure and has the cool looks going on!

087: Mamoswine


As the evolved form from Piloswine (after teaching it Ancient Power and leveling it up), Mamoswine while based on a mammoth (I think) didn’t exactly interest me either.  I do know that it is one of the few rideable Pokemon in X/Y so I suppose that’s a thing.  Still, it’s kind of nothing too interesting to me, but I do like the higher stats it got.

088: Porygon-Z


Talk about a Pokemon that is so mundane to obtain.  I mean you already have to trade it over once to get Porygon2 while it’s holding an item, but doing it again for Porygon-Z is just adding salt to the wound.  It’s kind of goofy looking with its eyes and the triangular body too.  I liked Porygon2’s duck look, but I’m not sure where GameFreak was wanting to take this design.

089: Gallade


Hey we finally get an answer to why male Ralts end up as Gardevoir.  I suppose the whole gender situation came front and GameFreak decided to branch out and let Kirlia (depending on male or female) split paths.  The male Kirlia (which still looks too feminine) now evolves into Gallade by use of a Dawn Stone.  It also changes its typing to Psychic/Fighting (sharing it with the Medicham line).  One of the cooler designs by far!

Though in ORAS to compensate that Gardevoir got a Mega Evolution in X/Y, Gallade also gained one and it looks pretty badass and makes for an epic knight!

090: Probopass


Yup, Nosepass…and it gets an evolution that reminds me too much of Mr. Potato Head with a big ass moustache.  It evolves the same way Magneton does (by a location where there’s a lot of magnetism around) it’s such a strange look and to be fair, it does get the added typing of Steel so that’s good I suppose lol.

091: Dusknoir


Another Pokemon that I didn’t expect an evolution for, Dusclops (traded while holding the Reaper Cloth) now evolves into Dusknoir and it looks badass XD.  At first I thought the face was the middle, but that’s I guess a fake face to scare people off.  Definitely a cool Pokemon overall and another awesome Ghost type.

092: Froslass


As the final Pokemon of this post, we have Froslass which is a split evolution from Snorunt (Strange, since Glalie totally doesn’t look like this).  Only female Snorunts can evolve to Froslass by a Dawn Stone.  Personally, it’s one of my favorite Pokemon of all time, having a unique typing of Ice/Ghost.  Plus it just wrecks things nicely (plus I own a Shiny Froslass) so it’s definitely badass.  Strange by giving a split evolution (like Gallade) but both really hit it out of the park.



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