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Crystal Kay – Kimi ga Ita Kara June 4, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Kimi ga Ita Kara
  3. My Heart Beat
  4. Monologue
  5. Kimi ga Ita Kara (Instrumental)
  6. THE LIGHT (English Version)

1. Kimi ga Ita Kara

Opening the single up is Kimi ga Ita Kara and I was not surprised at all when it turned out to be a ballad.  Being her first ballad A-side since transferring over to UNIVERSAL, this song is pretty to listen to and Kuri’s vocals are still very pleasant to listen to.  I do get a feeling that it would’ve suited an anime (kind of like “Motherland” did).  It’s not a bad song and worth the near 3 year wait.


Released as a digital single in April, THE LIGHT was used to promote a cell phone and I hate to say, the song is a bit messy.  I think it might be the beat, but if we took that out, I REALLY enjoy the ethereal glow of the song and Kuri’s vocals is pretty damn heavenly too which really sounds nice.  I know after a while, the beats will make more sense because it’s not a terrible song and suits against something like “Forever” was.

3. My Heart Beat

Another digital single prior to this release (though this came out in 2013), My Heart Beat does feel like a leftover song left off from “VIVID” and it’s a shame because this is a pretty cool song too!  It matches with the dance-pop style Kuri adopted during that era and I also get a fun party vibe here too!  Definitely the favorite from the single for sure, I don’t know why but this song is just a night after a clubbing experience!

4. Monologue

I suppose it makes Monologue the only legitimate new song on the single (“Kimi ga Ita Kara” was released a couple weeks before the physical release).  I was expecting a short passage just by going for the title, but Monologue is a lighter R&B track with a nice punching beat on top of a lighter 90’s R&B style too.  It’s a solid track as well and Kuri just sounds great here.  Damnit!

5. THE LIGHT (English Version)

The single ends with an English take on THE LIGHT and I feel like the song was made originally in English and was later translated to Japanese before the single release.  I never thought Kuri couldn’t handle it because she owns it both ways and that’s that…the arrangement is still pretty much the same, but I feel like I connected to this take more.

Jesus, 3 more days and it would’ve been a complete 3 years since we’ve had a Crystal Kay single.  She definitely didn’t lose her touch in the hiatus and this single is a pretty good collection overall.  Despite 3/4 aren’t exactly new songs, all of them seemingly worked together and continued to have to bright and wide sound that “VIVID” had which I totally adore!  I hope she doesn’t keep us waiting for her next release though.


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