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KARA – Summer☆gic/Sunshine Miracle/SUNNY DAYS June 4, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Summer☆gic
  2. Sunshine Miracle
  4. Summer☆gic (Instrumental)
  5. Sunshine Miracle (Instrumental)
  6. SUNNY DAYS (Instrumental)

1. Summer☆gic

Being the lead song (and the only one to get a PV), Summer☆gic brings us back to the cutesy style of KARA which is something I’m not terribly fond of.  It’s pretty lighthearted and while I do love the bounce of the arrangement and flow of the chorus, it’s a bit forgetful and somewhat lacking in some areas.  Compared to their other summer-themed A-sides, I feel like this one just missed the mark.

2. Sunshine Miracle

The next track focuses a bit more with the pop/rock beachside kind of track but still remaining as a cute song overall.  I actually kind of enjoyed this one slightly more than “Summer☆gic” even if the song utilizes a lot of the same stuff throughout.  That might not be enough to impress other people I don’t think.


Somehow, I feel like the opening of SUNNY DAYS was going to lead into a powerful track (like “GO GO Summer!”), but I was rather fooled as the song just kept on with the slower tempo.  This one does separate itself from the other two because of it’s slower groove and slight R&B dabs in the arrangement.  Add on the silky smooth vocals from the quartet and this is probably my favorite of the three.  I mean it still won’t beat out older songs, but it’s a pleasant tune overall.

As the 2nd and final single before the group’s 5th album is released, this summer single for the most part just kind of went by with not too much of an impression.  I think they got into this idea that they HAVE to do a summer-themed single every year and with each one they do, it gets more and more forgettable.  The only exception is SUNNY DAYS as it’s a nicer slow song that really shows off the group’s soothing vocals.  Still, Summer☆gic and Sunshine Miracle were just meh!


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