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U-KISS – Sweetie June 4, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Sweetie
  2. If…
  3. Shape of your heart (U-KISS JAPAN TOUR 2014 version) (CD only bonus track)
  4. Sweetie (Instrumental)
  5. If… (Instrumental)

1. Sweetie

I would suppose that makes Sweetie their Christmas song because this was released in December.  As an A-side, the song is a bit corny to listen to but I kind of like the synths used here and the harmonizations (beyond how much Soohyun and Kevin) are here is really nice to hear.  For a ballad, it’s a bit more memorable than previous endeavors…still slightly chintsy though lmao.

2. If…

As for the B-side, If… took more after the dance-pop feel (kind of reminds me of some other songs in the same genre) sadly it really doesn’t grow too much until after the Jun/Eli rap section (which by the way are pretty awkward since it transitions into the chorus.  I feel like the song is trying to grow into a strong dance track, but stays too long by dragging the growth of it.  It does finally get itself together and becomes a nice mid-tempo track the rest of the way…but the beginning section was dragging a bit.

3. Shape of your heart (U-KISS JAPAN TOUR 2014 version)

Of course they’d close the single out with a live version of an older song, this time with Shape of your heart.  I mean it’s a good live performance and each of the members sound strong in the song…not much else to say about this one.

As the 2nd and last single before ther 4th album, “Action” releases, I feel like Sweetie was a weird single.  I don’t know what happened but I wasn’t connecting to either original songs much.  Sweetie is a nice love song, but the arrangement made it so cheesy and overabundant of the whole Xmas sound.  If… dragged in the beginning and it didn’t build itself very well to a powerful song.  The live performance is good though as expected.  I just wonder how this album will stack up.


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