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Let’s Talk About Smash Bros.! 2 Years later!!!! June 15, 2015

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Yeah as E3 begins, I will talk about the happenings of Smash Bros. since the 50-Fact Extravaganza that we got that showed AND confirmed DLC, so let’s talk about the characters!



As with the last post I did pertaining to the game, the 50-fact Extravaganza ended essentially with the announcement of the first DLC character, Mewtwo who everyone was hoping would return after being MIA in Brawl.  After buying him, Mewtwo is mostly the same as he was back in Melee but a little more usable and fun to play as.  Some things have changed (mostly involving the specials) but this was great to see.



Next up is a return of a Brawl battler, Lucas from the still Japan-only game, Mother 3.  Even though that Ness took most of his moves as customs, I was still happy to see Lucas return and have his unique moves.  I think of all the Brawl characters that haven’t made it back yet, this would be the one I would’ve chosen the most.



Then today, Sakurai had a Smash Direct (two days before the Nintendo Digital Event) and announced two more new DLC characters to be released alongside Lucas.  The first is a returning veteran, Roy from Melee.  I was happy to see that he’s been changed slightly enough to make him different from Marth AND Lucina.  Being in the same group as Dr. Mario and Mewtwo (all three missed out on being in Brawl), it’s great to see this guy again!



Last, but not least though the biggest surprise came in the form of the legendary Fighting Game Character, Ryu from Street Fighter.  He marks as the first non-veteran to be a DLC character and a shocking one at that since it means Capcom was given two reps.  On top of having a VERY unique style to him that no other character has….input commands.  Yup a lot of his style is basically style and inputting the classic directions for his famous moves.


  • Miiverse – The mentioned stage from last year finally got released and it’s an OK stage…pretty early so there’s not too many Miiverse pictures to cheer on the characters right now.  A little sad that it’s just a different looking Battlefield, but the pictures are a slight nice addition.
  • Dream Land 64 – Yup, the Kirby stage from the original N64 title makes a reappearance and it’s visually not changed any.  I will say that like Miiverse, the layout is so basic and if it wasn’t for Whispy Woods it would’ve just been another Battlefield too.  There’s much better N64 stages available.
  • Suzaku Castle – Ryu’s stage, I was surprised at how open spaced it is and wide.  Visually, it’s really pretty being set in a sunset and the fact you can destroy the signposts is definitely nostalgic.  The layout is a bit odd to me for some reason, but very great for Ryu.
  • Hyrule Castle – While not released yet, Sakurai mentioned two future stages to return and I loved Hyrule Castle so it’s nice to see it make an appearance AND keep the tornadoes that would appear here and there…Happy to see this return!
  • Peach’s Castle – As for the other one mentioned, Peach’s Castle is an OK addition and all, but there was much better choices and this stage is a bit hazardous all over.  Though there does seem to be some changes like able to hang on the bottom moving platform.  Interesting!



5 Responses to “Let’s Talk About Smash Bros.! 2 Years later!!!!”

  1. Cybuster_God_of_Wind Says:

    I’ve only really played Melee, this series is not really one of my favorites. I prefer Tekken for 3D fighters and Blazblue for 2D, now those are some REAL fightning games, not just fanservice. If I would like to see more characters; why not Isaac from Golden Sun, Black Shadow from F-Zero or Ephraim from FE: Sacred Stones – who happens to wield a spear, so he can fight differently compared to your usual swordsman.

    • solarblade Says:

      Well, they are holding ballots for future DLC characters so you might get one of them.

      • Cybuster_God_of_Wind Says:

        Really? Maybe so then, I can think of plenty more also!

        This DLC you speak of though, is it free or do have to pay $9.99 for it or something? I really hate DLC, you already paid for the game, why should you have to pay more just to get the full game?

      • solarblade Says:

        Right now it’s varied depending, if you want both it’s like 50 bucks, but luckily you can just characters and stages for like 7-ish bucks

  2. Cybuster_God_of_Wind Says:

    ‘Luckily’ is hardly the word I would use, you’re still spending the dough regardless. Ugh, this sucks. This is exactly what I mean about DLC, I can buy 2 or 3 used games for 50 bucks!

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