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Nami Tamaki – Everlasting Love June 15, 2015

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everlasting love

Track Listing

  1. Everlasting Love
  2. VAMPIRE HOLMES ~Hamlet to no Deai~
  3. Everlasting Love -inst-

1. Everlasting Love

As the leading song, Nami brings us another anison song that heavily borrws a lot of elements from her SONY songs like thee stronger guitarwork and the chords that sound SO in her comfy area of expertise.  Actually if I had known any better, I would’ve placed this somewhere around the “Make Progress” and “Speciality” era.  It’s a good song for her old fans to cherish a bit more and Nami definitely sounds like her old self!

2. VAMPIRE HOLMES ~Hamlet to no Deai~

For fans that were expecting an actual B-side to come from Nami will be sorely disappointed here.  Hamlet to no Deai is just an audio drama from the anime Everlasting Love is tied to.  Also it’s mostly done by Yoshinobu Sena who voices the lead character.  Honestly, it doesn’t really do much of anything for me as I haven’t watched the anime so this is kind of useless to me (and probably many of Nami fans).



As the 5th? single she’s released since her last album, Everlasting Love pushes Nami back into her old ways even further than “Vivid Telepathy” did and that’s a bit strange to me especially giving her run the singles before that.  The song is pretty decent though and carries a lot of nostalgia for me, but the lack of a B-side (and instead some audio drama) is a bit disappointing.


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