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AAA – Flavor of kiss July 13, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Flavor of kiss
  2. Flavor of kiss (Instrumental)

1. Flavor of kiss

It’s been an interesting string of A-sides, but now we’re on our 6th of the anniversary with Flavor of kiss and I was more than happy with the lighter dance vibes I got from this song.  It’s kind of like “I’ll be there” but definitely a more memorable song, plus it doesn’t hurt that Shinji and Shuta have the first lines.  Add that Hidaka’s rapping isn’t at all out of place in this track and I’m just really feeling this one.  Refreshing if you wanna say lol.

As we’re nearing the end of this string of singles, Flavor of kiss is actually pretty decent of a song and might now be the favorite between the other 5 A-sides we’ve gotten this year.  It really comes down to what “LOVER” will be like, but I have a feeling that’ll be a love ballad…


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