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Ciao Bella Cinquetti – Omotesandou/Futako-Tamagawa/Never Never Give Up July 13, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Omotesandou
  2. Futako-Tamagawa
  3. Never Never Give Up
  4. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Yurika Akiyama (Regular A only)
  5. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Robin Okada Shouko (Regular B only)
  6. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Yuki Goto (Regular C only)
  7. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Aina Hashimoto (Regular D only)
  8. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Kanami Morozuka (Regular E only)
  9. Omotesandou (Instrumental)
  10. Futako-Tamagawa (Instrumental)
  11. Never Never Give Up (Instrumental)

1. Omotesandou

Being a cover of the classic song, “Les Champs Elysées”, I wasn’t expecing CBC to cover something after the name change, but what can ya do?  For a cover though, it’s rather cute for the group having a nice bouncy arrangement alongside some electric guitarwork here and there.  After a while though that chorus of repeating the title kind of grinds my gears and I start to ignore the rest of the song, it’s sort of cute in a way, but I definitely won’t remember this after a month.

2. Futako-Tamagawa

The next A-side, is funny enough the ballad of the single and I was happy to see that every member gets a solo line in the first stanza of the song…very nice.  As for the rest of the song, it’s a nice slow song and we haven’t gotten an A-side like that from the group since “Family ~Tabidachi no Asa~” so this was a nice song to come into.  Plus everyone sounds great (even Gotuu!).  Very soft, but nice track from the group.

3. Never Never Give Up

Finally, we have Never Never Give Up and it took notice because Tsunku worked on this one!  The song itself sounds really nice and very Tsunku, but there’s a feeling in my gut that wants this song to have a heavier beat because despite the great stringwork and vocals…it’s missing a backbone and a solid push to really make it a powerful song, like it sounds like a watered down version of C-ute’s “Tsugi no Kado wo Magare” for some reason and I can’t seem to shake that thought off.  Still it’s a nice song overall, just needs more oomph.

4. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Yurika Akiyama
5. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Robin Okada Shouko
6. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Yuki Goto
7. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Aina Hashimoto
8. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Kanami Morozuka

Feels like with every single, we’re getting these tracks so it’s probably time to stop mentioning these lol.  Though, this is basically solo versions with no music so there you have it…it’s OK and definitely there for people with their biases intact so I suppose it’s a win for the wota/fans.

So you might be wondering what’s up with the name change.  Well in a string of news, their old label, TNX went under (well the idol part of it) and the group had signed onto UP-FRONT with that announcement (after “1116” that is) and then a month later announced this single on top of the fact they were changing the name from THE Possible to Ciao Bella Cinquetti to start a new chapter (odd timing to do so, but it’s whatever).  The first single under the new name is OK for the most part.  Omotesandou is kind of repetitive and the lightheartedness might be too much.  Never Never Give Up is OK, could’ve used a little more work, but as it stands it’s a decent song.  Finally, I would that Fuktao-Tamagawa was the best off the single, nice vocals, nice arrangement and simple…hmmm.  Wonder what’s next for them!


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