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AAA – LOVER July 26, 2015

Filed under: AAA — solarblade @ 6:55 pm


Track Listing

  1. LOVER
  2. LOVER (Instrumental)


To me, it seems like the group is a little late on the reggaeton summer song phase that most Westerners dealt with years ago XD.  Really there’s not a lot to say about this one either, but I do like how it portrays the group in a more fun light than other songs during this anniversary release wave.  The group sounds nice (though Shuta does sound a little more rough than usual).  Not bad, but once again nothing totally amazing.

As the 7th and FINAL single in this 7-month string of singles, LOVER closes things out with a harmless summer tune which is nice and I do enjoy that it is reggaeton for the simple fact it’s something I haven’t heard in a while from Japan.  Though looking at recent news we have an album AND another single in September, so I will bet that all 7 singles I reviewed will be a part of the album…I’m not exactly excited for it, but who knows.


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