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Country Girls – Wakatte Iru no ni Gomen ne/Tamerai Summertime August 5, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Wakatte Iru no ni Gomen ne
  2. Tamerai Summertime
  3. Wakatte Iru no ni Gomen ne (Instrumental)
  4. Tamerai Summertime (Instrumental)

1. Wakatte Iru no ni Gomen ne

Obviously, I wasn’t surprised that Country Girls would continue on this cute side of H!P for their next A-side, what I wasn’t expecting was so much Chisaki to be featured here (there’s a good reason at least).  While it’s mostly Chisaki and Mai as the leads, the tune features the other 3 in good amount as well.  The tune is a bit more kiddy in nature and the title being so similar to “Itooshikutte Gomen ne” & “Koi Dorobo”, I kind of figured it might not have been as memorable.  It’s a fun song though and the PV is quite a nice change of pace (and funny too!).  Not bad, but you can easily see and hear the hole where Uta should’ve been.

2. Tamerai Summertime

As for the other A-side, the group goes for a mid-tempo song (which has a certain old Country Musume feel) that caught my attention.  Like “Koi Dorobo”, it seems like Manaka, Risa, and Momoko take the majority of the lines while Chisaki and Mai act as secondaries.  It feels more like a spring song moreso than a summer tune (weird).  I find it soothing and calming to listen to, overall nice.

If you didn’t know, the group has been hit with the Country curse by losing Uta (in a similar fashion that Juice=Juice lost Aina Otsuka).  The fact that it was pretty sudden meant that the group had to redo the single and it’s clear that Chisaki wasn’t meant to be all over the single on purpose.  That said, the single isn’t quite as good as their debut single but it’s still a refreshing one as no other H!P right now is doing this sort of thing.