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FLOW – Niji no Sora August 18, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Niji no Sora
  2. Hikari Oikakete
  3. connection
  4. Hikari Oikakete feat. Koudai Matsuoka (Reg & Lim only)
  5. FLOW NARUTO OP・ED SIZE Special Collection (Anime edition only)
  6. Niji no Sora -Instrumental-
  7. Niji no Sora -TV SIZE-

1. Niji no Sora

Hm?  A piano that opens with KOHSHI…couldn’t have expected that at all.  As another song that’s tied to the NARUTO series, Niji no Sora actually is another knock out of the park with it’s solid sound and both members really brought their A-game with this one.  For some reason, it does remind me of other songs they’ve done, but that’s always a good thing and the addition of synths really packed nice punch to an already cool track!  Great A-side!

2. Hikari Oikakete

As the first B-side (and the one that has the most attention on the single for some reason), Hikari Oikakete might not be as memorable to me as “Niji no Sora” was, it definitely is a good B-side for the band as it’s a little more like an anime theme (strange :0).  Not bad, but fulfilling as a track.

3. connection

Are we going back to something from “MICROCOSM” because the intro really had me getting strong vibes of that album here and to be honest, I’m ALL FOR IT!  Of the three songs, connection is the hardest hitting track of the single, but looking at how long it is and listening to it…it’s an instrumental track from them and that slightly disappoints me because this would’ve been an EPIC song had it had KOHSHI and KEIGO involved here.

4. Hikari Oikakete feat. Koudai Matsuoka

So the voice of Naruto Uzumaki makes his appearance in the B-side of the single?  OK.  I was surprised though the track itself is actually a minute shorter than the main version.  The tune is still mostly the same thing at least so it’s passable.  To be honest I have no idea where Koudai is in the song (maybe in the final run of the chorus) but this was seriously unneeded…

5. FLOW NARUTO OP・EP SIZE Special Collection

Basically it’s a medley of the short versions of all the songs tied to NARUTO, which would’ve been nice if we hadn’t gotten a thing like this already a couple other times “Sign” and “FLOW ANIME BEST” being that however it does include Niji no Sora so I suppose it’s up to current times at least…strange though

As the first single of a new era, Niji no Sora is OK.  I mean the leading song is pretty awesome for sure and ranks up there with their other epic songs.  It’s just that the rest of the single came slightly short to its A-side.  Hikari Oikakete is pretty OK of a song, but definitely nothing that FLOW hasn’t done already, but the featuring was so unneeded.  connection would’ve been great if it had vocals in it and I can’t say much for a medley of FLOW’s songs for the NARUTO franchise.  It’s nice overall, but could’ve been better.


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