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GACKT – Akatsuki Tsukiyo -DAY BREAKERS- August 18, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Akatsuki Tsukiyo – DAY BREAKERS-
  2. Akatsuki Tsukiyo -DAY BREAKERS- (Orchestra Ver.)
  3. Akatsuki Tsukiyo -DAY BREAKERS- (-Instruments-)
  4. Akatsuki Tsukiyo -DAY BREAKERS- (Orchestra Ver. -Instruments-)

1. Akatsuki Tsukiyo -DAY BREAKERS-

Man GACKT sure knows how to do ballads huh?  Yup, DAY BREAKERS is a rather haunting ballad with a powerful rock chorus and GACKT sounds just so good here.  While there’s a lot of songs that he’s been pulling off in a similar light, this one stuck out for me in the best ways.  There’s a lot of things that are similar to “Setsugekka” and “ZAN”.  I think it actually might tie-in with the songs due to how similar the art covers are in some ways too.  Very cool song and very dramatic too!

2. Akatsuki Tsukiyo -DAY BREAKERS- (Orchestra Ver.)

Well if you can observe then yes, the song’s arrangement changed dramatically and instead of the powerful rock elements of the original, it has a STRONG orchestral backing and it made the song even more dramatic and powerful (especially the way the song ebbs and flows between verses and chorus).  Even GACKT sounds a lot more powerful too…wow!

So GACKT managed to release another single in 2014 (where’s that album?) and DAY BREAKERS is a pretty strong single despite being the lone track with no actual B-side.  The main version is powerful and sits with some of the more grand ballads he’s done.  I still thin the orchestral version is much better though.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.


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