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Mami Kawada – Gardens August 18, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Gardens
  2. ∃UTOPIA?
  3. Gardens (instrumental)
  4. ∃UTOPIA? (instrumental)

1. Gardens

For a title as such, Gardens is a lighter song for Mami which we haven’t heard in quite a while actually maybe a bit too long (Not sure when the last upbeat bright song she released was hahaha).  Add the bright and breezy anison synths flourishing through the song and you have this safe, but pleasant A-side!


Which is the opposite of what we got with the B-side which Mami fans would connect with a little more easier because it sounds like a “SEED” and “SAVIA” trac with the dark electrorock arrangement.  I love the grittier sound and for some reason, Mami’s vocals sound more clear-cut and badass when the filtering is added on too!  It’s a pretty edgy song though and I enjoyed it!

With an album on the horizon, “PARABLEPSIA”, I was expecting to see this be the focus single for the album, but it turns out Gardens will not be on it and yet “Borderland” will is pretty strange (also “FIXED STAR” isn’t on the album too.  The single itself isn’t bad persay, but I think it ∃UTOPIA? had been the A-side, things would’ve been much better because Gardens is an odd song choice for an A-side for her.  Not bad, but a lil meh considering she’s been quiet for over a year.


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